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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hello there!
With these cold days of the winter, the wardrobe undergoes some changes and some parts are integrated or even replaced. And if you have a piece that stands out in the days of lower temperatures, it is the leather pants.
Dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses and mainly trousers conquered the runway and the heart of the fashionistas. However, there are still those who have doubts when using it. Remembering that the first point that we should consider when composing an outfit is where we are going. We should make sure that the place/event is casual or more formal, and from there, it's just fun. The pants can be original leather, even synthetic leather or eco-friendly, they are the hottest alternatives to replace the traditional jeans, whether for an outfit for the work or an outfit for the night.
Leather pants can easily be the main protagonist of the outfit and can transition from the more formal look to a casual look, depending on the combination of other pieces, shoes, and accessories. Undoubtedly, the piece combined with knits, jackets or coats may be your favorite winter look. See three suggestions on ways to wear leather pants for both work and events.

cara Delevingne

Leather pants with sweater, or knit sweater

Nothing more warm and cozy on cold days than a wool sweater. If the sweater is wider, it is more appropriate to be combined with skinny pants, so that it does not create much volume on the top and bottom of the outfit. Usually, the sweater or knit shirt tend to leave the upper body larger, so to balance the silhouette it is best to opt for models of pants more fleshy. This type of composition is very cool because it uses a mix of textures that leave any outfit modern and stylish. It is possible to assemble a production with these pieces with a more sporty chic touch, just wear a sneaker.
street style

olivia palermo


leather pant

Leather Pants with T-shirts, Coat, and Sandals or Boots

This option you can use for both a bar and pub, as well as for the workday. It all depends on how you finish the outfit. If you wear a blazer on top, you can wear it in the office without any problems. If you prefer not to wear coats and abuse of necklaces and bracelets, you are with the night outfit. Super versatile parts that can create various combinations!
kendall jenner



Leather pants with trench coats

On the colder days, a heavier coat becomes necessary, even over a sweater or a wool coat. The warmer coats can be below the hip and are commonly combined with scarves so that the neck region will be also protected.

To lengthen the silhouette, just wear it with ankle boots with the same color of pants. About the proportions of the pieces and balancing the outfit, the more sequin models of pants are more indicated to balance the silhouette since this type of coat generally has more volume. Another alternative to giving a special charm is by adding a colorful scarf to the monochromatic outfits.
zoe saldana

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello There!
Today I'm going to write about urban style, the style that is adept by the women who like a modern and creative style and can also be worn by women who like a basic style. The Urban style is known as the most modern and remarkable of the 7 universal styles. Women who like this style love to wear black color and create looks that contrast light shades with other dark ones. They fall into two categories composed of light and heavy elements. Some love playing with over-sized pieces, geometric references, and accessories with bold modeling. Others, love clothes with a street style touch. It is common among its combinations destroyed jeans, leather, sneakers, all-stars, wide blouses, jackets, and so on. It has a very varied range of options. Seeking to combine comfort and style. Many designers bases on an urban style to create some of their collections, and this is super right! The style is super versatile, allowing the stylist to have a greater freedom when performing their creations. 
urban style

urabm style

If you're starting to adopt this style start with the basics and create a contrast between the parts of your outfit investing in the combination of light and dark colors. The black and white combination is remarkable, as well as it creates a super clean effect. The all-black outfit is also a great option to create a sophisticated outfit. To take the monochromatic from the ordinary invest in maxi pieces, structured modeling and straight cuts as the tailored pieces. It gives a modern and a light masculine touch to the outfit that will only make you more stylish and fashion.
street style

street style

How about taking the production of the basics with accessories that have a bold design?  Necklaces with geometric details such as circles, triangles, and squares will make your outfit sassier, even if the combination of the outfit is simple. These references may also appear on other accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and rings. On the feet change the bold shoe by a classic shoe like oxford or moccasin. If you do not like a conservative touch, which is typical of the traditional style, invest in the metalized version of the shoe. Golden, silver or copper, the metallic luster gives a cool feeling to the outfit, but without losing the refinement.
street style


The most important thing in urban style is that you can bring your personal touch to the outfit. There are no limits in the fashion universe, but it is also good to have a little fashion sense, it's not worth going out there inventing trends without any connection, a little moderation is necessary. Take an outfit with your touch, but let it be a harmonic composition, with style, without drawing so much attention due to the amount of information without any connection between it outfit.
fashion style

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Hello, sweetheart! 

The black dress is the most classic and timeless piece of the women's wardrobe. Versatile, both in its use and in its possibilities, the black dress combines with many occasions, with any style and is perfect in all women, regardless of age or the physical body type.

The black dress has become the classic in the women wardrobe when it was designed and worn relentlessly by Gabrielle Coco Chanel. For the stylist, "a woman needs only two things in her life: a black dress and a man who loves her." Choose a "basic little black one" and use it any occasion. The black color helps in the versatility of the dress by combining with different colors. You can wear black with color such nudes, white, brown, navy blue, wine, dark red, dark green, dark purple, gray.
little black dress

Different ways to wear a black dress

A black dress can transmit power, formality, elegance, seriousness, authority, and glamour. When choosing the black dress, most women feel safer both because the piece is easy to match and because it looks good on all women.
There are several models of black dress: long, ideal for the night, perfect for parties, among other varieties. Below, I will give some tips to help you when choosing the ideal model and getting even more beautiful with your black dress.

Give your black dress more glamour with powerful accessories

If the idea is to work in the accessories, the black dress is ideal for it. The item allows you to abuse of accessories and make various combinations of necklaces, earrings, shoes, and bags. Maxi necklaces, more colorful shoes, powerful purses, all combine perfectly with a basic black. But it does not just allow us to work on accessories. The black dress allows us to use a more powerful makeup, a more elaborate hair, without seeming to be dressed for some super important event. So if the idea is to use creativity and put on a powerful look with the black dress, invest in accessories and also in makeup and hair.

Minimalist but fashion

With just a simple plain black dress, by the knee, with straps or sleeves and a neckline not very evidenced you get a simple and easy look. Do not wear any accessorize, keep a bare neck and ears for a clean look.  You can bet on a lighter makeup. Hair can be loose or tied up for more sophisticated air. Just attach a black clutch and classic black shoes. This look is suitable for sober ceremonies or for those who want to try a minimalist outfit, where less is more!
black dress

Black dress in the winter

If in summer it is more difficult to use black, in winter it is the official color of the season. Choose warmer and heavier fabrics and give preference to more bodycon models. If you have a summery dress, combine it with jackets, blazer and other types of coats to keep you warm. The pantyhose helps warm up your legs,  with long boots, you can invest in these accessories. You can create monochromatic looks, using all black, or make combinations with pieces of other colors, like brown that looks beautiful when used with black.
how to wear black dress in the winter

winter and black dress

black dress in the winter

Monday, January 08, 2018

Hello there! 
Today's post is about bloggers I love and follow. As we know bloggers exert are a great influence on the fashion world and consequently also influence the consumer market as well, being magazine covers, making collaborations with great brands and divulging much of their personal life and style in the social networks.

In the Instagram, a photo-sharing application, many bloggers outnumber millions of followers. In this app, they post everything they see and wear in the fashion weeks and daily life, anticipating all the trends that are being launched around the world.

Accessing blogs is a quick way of having access to a lot of fashion content, even though most of the communication is through photos. All this information can be interpreted and compiled for the formation of a style of its own, always filtering what most identifies with the personality. 

Despite working with a blog for some time, I am also an assiduous reader of some blogs, those who I cannot lose any new post or video, you know? I love this world a lot, I love to know and learn different ideas and tricks, so today I decided to join in just one post my top favorite bloggers that I loved to follow. 

Here's a list of 5 international fashion bloggers to learn more about fashion, get inspired by the ones you identify with and pump your Instagram feed:

Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad 

Possibly one of the best-known and famous bloggers in the world and also my favorite one, Chiara Ferragni went beyond the universe of blogging as the cover of Vogue magazine. At Instagram, using the hashtag #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops, where she shares her outfits and intense travel routine around the world with more than 11 million followers.
chiara ferragni

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

Julie Sariñana - Sincerely Jules 

Jules, as she is known, was born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, which contributed to her fresh and beach style. In Instagram, where she has over 4 million followers, and also on the blog, Jules posts her casual looks, and most of them are full of comfort, composed of jeans and flat shoes. Julie Sarinana's blog started in 2009 and she wanted a place to put her thoughts, inspirations and show her style and everything else she loves and thinks is interesting.
sincerely jules

sincerely jules

sincerely jules

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

Olivia Palermo

Top web influencer, disputed by all brands for her elegance and good taste, Olivia Palermo is famous for dictating trends in New York society and for being one of the most celebrated it girls in the world.

In 2007, she was the cover of New York Magazine, that pointed that she is one of the most influential women in New York. She collaborates with dozens of major international brands and is assiduous in all relevant fashion weeks and events. Her nearly 5 million followers make her one of the most well-known fashion personalities in the world. She even participated in shows and TV series!
olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

olivia palermo

Annabelle Fleur - Viva Luxury

Anabelle was born in Latvia, moved to Canada and currently lives in California. Undoubtedly, all these changes influenced the construction of his style. After spending a lot of time dreaming about the creation of the blog, she put the idea into practice and there she shares all her passion for fashion that is reflected in her inspiring looks, many of them with hats.

viva luxury
viva luxury

viva luxury

Aimee Song – Song of Style 

Aimee is of Asian origin and lives in Los Angeles, combining two professions, that of the blogger and the one of an interior designer. In her blog, she shares tips on decoration, fashion, beauty, and travel, while at Instagram she puts her daily looks, meals and beautiful images of her travels around the world.
Aime Song works as an interior designer in Los Angeles who started her blog the Song of Style in 2008. In it, she explores her passion for fashion and decoration, including posts about DIY ideas and decorations. Its success is undeniable, with more than 4 million followers. 

Her outfits, shared in social networks, are the most applauded. She has a chic and elegant style, Aime is always daring and everything she wears becomes a trend. You will be enchanted with her looks and day to day life!
song of style

song of style

song of style

song of style

Top 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow on the Instagram!

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Hello everyone!
It is a proven fact that we women love beauty products that help us look even better.That's why it's important to know which products have the greatest benefits and the right way to use them, so, you can get all the benefits. Regardless of the brands, it is important that your daily facial, body and hair care routine include those products that will surely work wonders. I made some research and talked to some girls to find out the top 10 products that are really needed in the home!
Night Moisturizer Cream

Skin Cleansers 
Cleansing the face is one of the most important steps of the daily care routine. Choose an oil, a gel, mousse or cleansing lotion that you should use to clean the face, always with warm or cold water. The gel should be chosen according to each type of skin and should be used daily. There are several ranges and complement each other with several skin cleansing packs. You can also opt for the cleansing wipes, which are quite practical and good eye makeup remover. The tonic is always a compliment to the cleaning because it will close the pores and prevent the skin to get oily.
skin cleansers

Exfoliating lotion or peeling gel
The exfoliating is a super important product to have a beautiful and healthy skin. Once a week you should do an exfoliation as this will help remove the dead cells from the skin, leaving it smoother, and free of impurities.
exfoliator cream

Daily Moisturizer  Cream
Using a good facial moisturizer, with SPF, does a lot more for the health of your skin than you think! It is essential for a healthy,  hydrated, luminous skin and protected from external aggressions and are presented in the most diverse forms and textures, adjusted to each type of skin and their needs.
moisturizer cream

Sunscreens are essential to protect and moisturize your skin. UVA and UVB sunscreens with a protection factor of 30 and moisturizers are the products whose effectiveness is best demonstrated scientifically. There are several brands of sunscreen so there is no excuse for not being protected.

Eye Contour Cream
Daily use of a cream for the eye contour should also be part of your skin care routine and is one of the products that are obviously in my top 10! This zone is more sensitive and has specific needs because the skin around the eyes is very fragile and sensitive and is more susceptible to the signs of aging. So a good hydration helps a lot to prevent these signs because it gives more firmness and elasticity to the skin and reduces the fine line.
eye contour cream

BB Cream
BB cream is undoubtedly a product that really needs to be with you! They are moisturizers, soothing and sunscreens, and in some cases still, work as a foundation.
bb cream

Night Moisturizer Cream
It is during sleep that the body absorbs better the anti-aging properties present in the facial creams and for this reason, the night creams are very good, but they need to have the correct ingredients to get the expected effect.
night moisturizer cream

Body Moisturizer cream or lotion
Using moisturizing cream is already part of women's daily lives! It's one of the products that have to go with you everywhere! To have a smooth and healthy skin, all year and 365 days, it is important to apply a body moisturizer every day, especially after bathing. And applying a moisturizer on the skin daily does miracles in the fight against sagging skin and cellulite.
body cream

Hands and feet cream
Each part of the body has specific needs that need to be met with the right product. Your hands are constantly exposed to several aggressions, especially those caused by wind and hot or cold water and so are the first to show signs of aging so hand cream is essential! The feet also need attention because they are exposed every day to shoes and other external agents.

feet cares

hand cream

Hair Care
All women look for radiant, shiny and healthy hair. And just like our skin, our hair needs specific care so it does not lose its hydration and stay beautiful and nourished throughout the season!
hair care

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