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Monday, June 11, 2018

Hello, ladies!

It is summer, the classes are almost over, and I cannot wait to travel cause my brain needs it.
Traveling is amazing, packing well not so amazing! I remember once I was traveling to Macau it took me one whole week to pack my suitcase, well I'm kinda lazy when it comes to packing. But packing is not always an easy task, especially for we women, who usually carry more than men.

After all, when it is necessary to choose what to take, everything seems to be indispensable and doubts arise about what is a priority, what can be left aside and, especially, how to accommodate all in the luggage.

The good news, however, is that with a few simple tricks, it's easier to carry everything you need, making the most of the space in your suitcase.
travel tips

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hello ladies!

Most of the woman loves a good nude lipstick (I'm a kind suspect, hahaha) and is always looking for a perfect shade or a slight variation of nude shades. As a lipstick lover, I recognize the value of a powerful nude lipstick. We women are able to identify the differences between the nuances, finishes, and want to test all the news that appears on the shelves in the store just to find the ideal nude. This color is a classic in it comes to the makeup and earns points for the versatility it's even more wild than red! It can be used in the day to day, in the office look and beauty chic look in the nightclub or bar balancing between smokey eye plus nude lipstick, it is dope.

New York fashion week catwalk has already decreed: next summer the makeup trend will be a natural look. Nothing beats a nude lipstick when you want to get yourself into the trend. Democratic and versatile, the tone does not discriminate skin tones or age and is perfect for anyone who wants to bet on a "natural" makeup. The idea that nude lipstick is ideal only for people with fair skin still persecutes many women, but the nude is nothing more than the tone that most closely resembles your skin, so it can be used by all skin type, just find out the ideal tone for yourself. Take a test before to see if the color of the lipstick matches your skin tone.

If you want to get an "I just woke up fabulous like Sleep Beauty" effect (well, who does not want), nude makeup requires some concerns, the care when applying the lipstick should be redoubled.
nude lipstick

How to choose the right tone

When properly applied, the nude lipstick has the power to make the lips look larger and voluminous. The wrong color, however, can leave your washed out. To avoid the effect, the first step is to see the tone of your skin and look for the product that is more similar. The nude lipstick of a black woman can be very strong for someone with lighter skin. The correct thing is not buying a nude lipstick tone cause your friend has the same tone and you liked it, the right is to find the one that has more to do with you and match your skin.

Choose lipsticks with a little luster or slightly pink; this will help to ward off the washed out effect. Testing the lipstick first is also very important to discover the ideal shade for your skin. If you do not want to put it on your lips, test the wrist just below the palm of the hand, where the color will look more like in the face.

To avoid unpleasant surprises when going out in the sunny day with the nude lipstick, always test the product in a natural light environment, as the color of the lamp may give a wrong impression of the cosmetic tone on the lips: It is recommended that you experiment with an environment with natural light so that there is no mistake in the real shade of lipstick.

nude lipstick

The ideal tone for each skin type

Black skin: different than many can imagine, black women can (and should) bet on nude lipstick. The false impression that "nude" refers only to very light tones is common and ends up turning black away from nude lipstick. Bet on tones of gold, caramel, brown or coffee, which will give a more natural look. Try to avoid light and bright tones, which will not be harmonious with the skin tone.

White skin: just like when choosing the blush, women with lighter skin should look for a lipstick with more pinkish or peachy pigment, which will match the undertone color of the skin, leaving the look more harmonious. The earthy, pastel and bright shades combine with the white skin.

Asian skin: Women with white skin and yellowish undertone, such as the oriental ones, may seek tones with pigments more brownish, yellowish or peachy, with a beige background. To emphasize the lips, it is still worth betting on more rosy tones: lighter pink. Not to be so dull.

Brown skin: Brunettes can use more closed shades, such as terracotta or gold. The shades of peach and brown are also harmonious for women with this skin tone.

nude lipstick

The correct application

As the lip can become voluminous with nude lipstick, pay attention to the texture of the lips. If they are dry, opt for a creamier formula. To further increase the lip, apply a gloss over the nude lipstick. If lips are very dark or have some imperfection, it is worth to bet on the lip liner with a tone that also comes close to the skin, this will help in the application of the lipstick. The nude is ideal to match with more marked eyes, with a perfect makeup for the night, or with a  bare makeup, giving an impression of "natural look"

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hello there!
You've seen it with your own eyes: the emerging emphasis of natural ingredients in the beauty industry. People are finally catching onto the harmful effects of chemical-filled cosmetic products, and leaning towards more simple products and organic skincare. In fact, even makeup advertisements are honing in on the importance of their "toxin-free" ingredients rather than the magical effects of the product. However, you may be wondering if these natural ingredients even work. Do organic and eco-friendly makeup brands compare to the industry's best-sellers? We've cracked a few codes for you, so keep on reading.

Question 1: It's Just Makeup. Do Natural Ingredients Really Matter?

While consuming natural ingredients in your diet makes a huge difference to your overall health, natural ingredients in beauty products make a subtler one. Makeup applied to the face essentially gets to deeper layers of the skin through a process called dermal absorption. It's the same reason why some people break out when trying out a new foundation. However, using makeup with chemicals isn't as damaging as eating unnatural ingredients.
At the end of the day, a majority of makeup products come with chemicals, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. Only focus in on the ingredients that concern you. That said, you don't have to go for all-natural makeup products, but some component of natural is always beneficial. For example, a foundation won't have completely naturally-derived ingredients, but it might have hydrating and anti-acne properties that improve your skin. You can look for products that contain some type of natural oil or antioxidant.
The key is to know what works best for you; do your research and see the value in trial-and-error.
natural beauty

Question 2: Do Products With Natural Ingredients Even Work?

The truth is, makeup products that claim to be all-natural don't work as well as others. For instance, a blush that's made completely from eco-friendly ingredients might not blend and apply as well as their counterparts. However, if your skin is suffering from unnatural products, then your safest bet is to use a product that doesn't have toxic ingredients. In these instances, it's important to prioritize health over beauty. You have to deal with the un-blendable blush.
But have no fear—you can always find workarounds for natural makeup products that don't work as well as you'd like them to, anyway. Combine them with other products and natural ingredients until you reach a consistency and texture that's perfect for you.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hello girls!
Before to get knowing my skin I used to have trouble when buying a new moisturizer, finding the right moisturizer for our skin may seem more difficult than we might think. Moisturizing is critical to skin health and choosing "any product" without paying attention to the details and particularities of each may not bring any benefit. Or worse: make our skin irritated or dry.

The variety of moisturizer products is very large and many women end up choosing their preferred only by scent or brand, regardless of whether the product formula is even ideal for their skin type. So be very careful when looking for the perfect product.

Just like a facial moisturizer, the best body moisturizer for your body skin does not need to have extravagant ingredients. A simple but effective combination will not clog your pores with unnecessary ingredients.
skin care tips

Why should us moisturize our skin?

But after all, what is the skin moisturizer and what is this product for?

The answer may seem kind obvious: to moisturize the skin. But what exactly is hydration?

Moisturizing the skin is the main care we should take. It is the hydration that slows the degenerative processes that weaken it and that results in wrinkles, lack of elasticity, opacity, stains, etc.

Dehydration is mainly caused by external aggressions such as excessive sunlight (and throughout life), pollution, exposure to various climatic variations and, of course, lack of proper hydration. Aging is also another important factor in dehydration because, over the years, our skin will lose its ability to retain water, becoming dry. Therefore, it is more than necessary to biologically rebalance the skin to compensate for the natural loss of hydration.
beauty tips

How to choose the right moisturizer cream?

The best moisturizer is one that will not leave a feeling of excessive oiliness or dry out the dry areas of your skin (such as elbows and knees).

Read the packages carefully and choose the one that is indicated for your skin type. Creams that are produced especially from plant extracts and phytonutrients are great for increasing the strength and elasticity of the skin.

Note whether the formula contains ammonia lactate or urea, excellent for moisturizing very dry skins. Another important item is the protection factor. It should not replace the sunscreen, but it is interesting that the cream chosen has a protection factor, even to a lower degree.

Get to know your skin
Talk to your dermatologist to know your skin type. Knowing what to expect from the care you have with your skin is as important as finding the ideal moisturizer. For example, deep nourishment or a pleasant fragrance are two different care for your body.

Apply the product before going to sleep
When choosing the ideal moisturizer for dry skin, you can opt for an oil-based formula or shea butter. Apply your moisturizer lotion or cream before going to sleep so it has more time to deeply moisturize your skin.

Nourish dry areas
Some parts of the body can get dry more easily, such as feet, knees, and elbows. Keep the skin deeply moisturized and nourished with a set of beauty products that pay particular attention to these areas.

Stay alert to vitamins A, C, and E.
Experts recommend these powerful antioxidants because they protect our skin from the signs of aging.
beauty tips

What is the difference between cream and lotion?

The difference between these products is basically their consistency and action derived from that consistency. The cream is thicker and used after bathing, with the skin dry through the towel. The lotion is lighter, with a smaller moisturizing factor and more "liquid" consistency. It is ideal for giving some scent to the skin but is not very suitable for anyone who wants real hydration.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hello ladies!
Those who have dry skin know very well how difficult is to control dryness, no matter what the weather. The problem is that, unlike other skin types, dry skin does not have a proper lipid layer to protect it from dryness and hence from allergies and infections. Therefore, those who have this type of skin need to take extra care not only to replenish lipids but to prevent dryness leave the skin at the mercy of impurities, which can cause serious infections. 

In today's post, I'm gonna to talk about some cares that will help you to take better care of your skin because, much more than beauty, skin care also has to do with your health! You cannot neglect it. In addition to daily care such as deep cleansing and protection from the sun, dry skin needs a deep and powerful hydration. Prefer the products with vitamin E, ceramides and natural extracts like coffee and green tea.
 Skincare tips for dry skin

First of all, avoid taking bath with hot water

Everyone knows that hot water is contraindicated for any type of skin and also for hair as it increases the chances of dryness. Just imagine when the skin is dry! You can do some damage. Therefore, even if you enjoy hot baths, chose warm ones, or, if possible, cold ones. 

Prepare the skin very well before makeup (and also take care of it after removing the makeup)

The recommended is to have a daily skincare routine. This is what will leave the skin prepared for any situation, especially for the use of makeup. If the skin is not properly moisturized, the effect of the makeup will look cracked, in addition to causing more irritation and dryness. So apply a good moisturizer before applying the makeup and use a primer that also has a moisturizing action before applying the foundation.
tips for dry skin

Cares when removing the makeup 

When it comes to removing the makeup is that come with the greatest care. Most the makeup removers have a grease-removing substance since some foundations have oil in the formula. It must be removed from the skin. But with this action of the makeup remover, the lipids of the skin also are removed. So it is vital to wash the face with water and apply a good moisturizer to restore the barrier of your skin after the makeup removal process.

When removing the makeup, opt for a creamy makeup remover, which is more suitable for those with dry skin. And never, ever, sleep without removing the makeup, even if you are tired or lazy, okay? For those who prefer a more natural alternative, virgin coconut oil is an excellent option to apply to the skin before the makeup and also in the removal.

Attention to the sun exposure

All skin types, when exposed to the sun, can have some kind of damage, such as dryness or even spot. Dry skin, since it does not have an adequate protective barrier, suffers the effects of this exposure even more.

If you like to go to the beach or pool, redouble the hydration, drink plenty of water, feed properly and apply sunscreen and moisturizer before and after the dive. At such times, whenever possible, take a shower of fresh water to remove chlorine and salt from the skin. 
 Skincare tips for dry skin

Avoid acid and alcohol-based products, even if they are specific to dry skin

As dry skin protection barriers are more fragile than other skin types, it is best to avoid products that have acid and alcohol in their composition. Alcohol has a detergent action on the skin, which promotes more dryness. The acid can also be aggressive for those who have dry skin and this element is present in most beauty and cleanser products, such as soap. If you are unsure, use products that have low acid concentration and choose soaps with neutral pH.

Hydrate your whole body and face

Hydration needs to be at the top of your priority list. The care for your health is reflected in the beauty of the skin, the hair, the body as a whole. So that old story of taking two liters of water a day is imperative to you, as well as caring with the food.

Do not wait until the skin has dried to use moisturizers. Moisturizers should be applied daily to the dry skin. Remember that a well-moisturized skin retains its youthfulness.

After bathing, leave the laziness aside and apply creams all over the body. If the skin is not cracked by dryness, use urea or glycerine based products. The most concentrated products of intensive hydration are ideal for those who have dry skin. So, bet on them!

Use moisturizing masks to eliminate signs of tiredness

As much as you drink lots of fluids, feed well and apply specific creams to your skin type, it can happen that your skin begins to show signs of tiredness caused by dryness. Therefore, periodically, you can make moisturizing masks with products based on natural oils and glycerin, or you can buy it. It will be a few minutes that will make all the difference, believe me! Every 15 days (or all week, depending on the condition of your skin), apply the product to the face, massage the skin, leave it on for 15 minutes and you will notice your skin recovered from the appearance of tiredness.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Hello girls!
You know that palette of eyeshadows or a lipstick that has been in the drawer for years, and you do not throw it away because you might need it someday? Know that it may be unfit for use on your skin. You may have already faced this situation: Suddenly you realize that your moisturizer cream has an expiration date that has passed (well I have faced this situation last week, this is why I made this post). The question is, do you have to throw away immediately? Well, only a dermatologist can say so. As we know a cosmetic product does not spoil overnight, so there is always an additional time when it will still be in good condition. This will depend on several factors such as composition, manufacturing and how to use and storage.

Although we have the custom of checking the expiration date of food and medications, many women are not in the habit of doing this with makeup and skincare products. And the worst: being on time on the label does not mean that the product is good to use as it begins to deteriorate from the first use. Contact with the oxygen of the air, temperature, and luminosity are degrading factors that intensify with the passage of time.

Applying contaminated makeup or skincare product can lead to the emergence of allergies, irritations, and even more serious infections. Therefore, one must keep an eye not only on the expiration date but also on the time a product remains suitable for use after it is opened.
beauty, skincare products

When You Should Replace Your Beauty Products

We woman loves to buy or receive cosmetics as a gift, and we love to apply cosmetic products. There are few who resist products that play with vanity and which signify youth, beauty, and health. But it is necessary to pay attention to important details before acquiring a cosmetic and/or applying it.

Expired products can cause irritations and even more serious allergies since the validity refers essentially to the preservative, an ingredient that prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

The shelf-life of a beauty product is therefore very important because, as with food, an out-of-date product can be harmful to health. But it is not only the validity of a cosmetic that makes it fit to be used, if not taken care of hygiene and use appropriate and necessary, incredible as it may seem, the cosmetic products that help us to become more beautiful can make are hazardous to health.

Skin care products: Moisturizers, Face Creams and Eye Creams; Sunscreen; Anti-aging or anti-acne products: 6 months to 1 year

The products that offer the most risks after expiration are the creams with alpha hydroxy acids, as they can be very irritating to the skin; moisturizers, due in function of the oils and vegetable butter that degrade before the expiration date; the sunscreens, which stop working on defending the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Mascara for eyelashes: 3 months
Even if it is within its expiration date, the mascara may deteriorate well before this time due to the constant entering and exiting of the applicator, which favors the entry of air into the package. From the moment the mascara is opened, it provides a perfect environment for the proliferation of micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria, which can even cause an infection in the eye region. In this way, the eyelash mascara usually has a good condition of use for a maximum of three months after they began to be used. When observing changes such as the changes in texture and odor, do not hesitate to discard them.
makeup, eyelash mascara

Gel and liquid eyeliner: 4 to 6 months
The deterioration of the eyeliner happens in the same way as in the eyelash mascara: when taking and putting the applicator in the pot, we are facilitating the entry of air and microorganisms. If your eyeliner gets a thicker, drier, brittle texture, it's time to throw it out even before 6 months.

Liquid lipstick and gloss: 6 to 12 months
Liquid lipsticks and gloss in packs with applicator have the same problem as mascaras and eyeliners: their use causes a lot of air to enter into the product. Therefore, they should be discarded after a maximum of 12 months of use. Changes in color, texture, and odor are a sure sign that you should throw the product away immediately.
liquid lipstick

Liquid foundations and concealers: 6 to 12 months
The concentration of water and the injection of air into the package are two factors that contribute to the deterioration of the foundation and liquid concealers. In addition, if we often use our fingers to apply these products, it helps taking microorganisms into the bottle.

If contaminated, these products can clog pores, cause irritations and allergies and even can cause serious infections by bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. If your foundation begins to get even more liquid or becomes thicker, get rid of it as soon as possible.

Creamy foundations, eyeshadows, and blushes: 12 to 18 months
Since they have a greater amount of oil in their composition, the creamy foundations are more resistant than the liquid ones. The eyeshadows and creamy blushes lose out compared to powdered versions, which are less prone to contamination.

Lipstick and lip pencil: 1 to 2 years
Since they contain a high content of oils and waxes, stick lipsticks and pencils do not offer ideal conditions for microorganism growth, so they are usually safe for use for 1 to 2 years.
Another advantage of the pencil is that, when we point it out, we remove the more superficial layer, which usually stores most of the microorganisms.

Eye Pencil: 2 years
Just like the lip pencil, the eyeliner is made predominantly of waxes and oils, which reduces the risk of germ contamination. Again, pointing the pencil helps remove the surface layer, which is the most dangerous.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hello everyone! 
There are some special care that if you include in your night beauty ritual can ensure a much more beautiful and rested skin. If you do not have a beauty routine before to sleep you should think about it seriously. Learn some tips in this article that will make you wake up prettier and happier with yourself and realize the importance of having a ritual before going to bed.

Having beauty rituals before bedtime is important not only to keep your skin healthy but also to take care of your self-esteem. During the night, the metabolism of skin cells increases and therefore it absorbs more and better nutrients than at any other time of day. Here are the essential steps to take in this beauty ritual:

beauty routine

Step 1: Remove your makeup

The soap, however, it may be good, but it is not enough. To remove all of your makeup, have a good makeup remover or facial tonic (replace with an astringent lotion if your skin is oily). A good make-up remover, or facial tonic, is essential to completely remove your makeup. Apply the product on your skin with a cotton cloth until there is no trace of makeup residue, foundation, eyeshadow or blush left.

Step 2: Apply a cleansing foam, gel or cream

These products have a deep action helping to remove impurities such as makeup and excess oiliness. Care should be taken only with the directions on the label regarding the product's permanence on the face.
skincare tips

Step 3: Wash your face

Wash your face with a cleansing gel suitable for your skin type and remove with water. Preferably do not wash your face with hot water. Twice a week apply a specific scrub cream to remove dead cells. Some brands also have exfoliation masks. The choice only depends on your preference. This cleansing will leave your skin much brighter and free of those black dots that, if not removed, tend to become blackheads. At the end of the exfoliation, wash your face thoroughly.

Step 4: Toner

Unfortunately, only soap and water cannot remove all the impurities that our face accumulates throughout the day. Therefore, in addition to them, it is necessary to use the facial tonic, a product that removes the deeper residues, preventing the obstruction of the pores.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hello There!
Having beauty care is the key to keeping the skin young, healthy and pretty for long. And doing it at night is even better: in addition to providing well-being, it is the time that our skin is more prepared to receive the products. At night, the metabolism of skin cells increases and therefore it absorbs nutrients better than at any other time of day.
So if you are not in the habit of doing a beauty ritual before bedtime, here are some tips to improve your well-being and your beauty.
Knowing how to use intelligent products, it is possible to treat the body, face, and hair while you enjoy your hours of sleep. Here are some tips on what you can do while you sleep to start your day more relaxed and pretty!

The main care with the skin before bed is cleaning. The soap is not enough. To remove all of the residues of your makeup, use a good makeup remover or a facial tonic. Apply the product with a cotton pad, until it leaves without traces of makeup.
With clean skin is the time to take advantage to provide nutrients and hydration to the skin. Use nourishing night creams with collagen and vitamin C for skin. If you have a tendency to suffer from acne or blemishes, enjoy the night to use products that fight the problem. The same goes for creams that prevent wrinkles and sagging (especially in the eyes and neck area). Because of the ingredients, these formulas can only be used when there is no solar radiation (at the risk of staining the skin). Just remember to wash your face thoroughly and wipe the product completely when you wake up. If you have problems with dark circles, use specific creams for the dark circles in the eyes to soften the appearance in the morning. Enjoy the night to keep your lips moisturized and prevent cracking.
skincare tips

Body Cares
Dry areas of the body such as heels, elbows, and knees need special care. Enjoy the night to use dense and powerful moisturizers. If you prefer, use vegetable oils to hydrate these regions: in addition to being more potent, they are more natural and nutritious.

Stretch Marks and Cellulite
It is not just the face that benefits from night care: Bedtime is great for to deal with stretch marks and cellulite. Creams containing fat-burning accelerators, creams containing caffeine and anti-inflammatory creams can help fight cellulite. For stretch marks, retinoic or glycolic acids are efficient solutions that promise to greatly improve the appearance of the skin.

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