Friday, July 11, 2014

10 tips to have a hair to envy

 Hello my sweeties,
Today I will talk about my favorite subject, ''Hair''.
The society imposes us that to have a perfect hair  is necessary to go on salon and spend a lot of money. The salon is important to have a beautiful hair, ''yes it is''.
But not all Woman can afford to go to the salon, sometimes they do not have money or time to go to the salon. But do not worry because you can have your hair dream even at home, just follow these tips I'll give that you will have a hair to make envy. I hope you enjoy it.

1- Have a perfect wash 
 It may seem weird, but it worth apply conditioner on the tips before entering the bathroom. This prevents to the shampoo drying out the hair, since the time required to wash the scalp is greater than the hair tips. The cream  avoid wear it.
2- Avoid washing your hair with hot water
"Hot water could  damage or dry your hair because it takes away all the oil from the scalp". Furthermore, the high temperature also worsens the called frizz

3- Activate the hair  brightness
A great trick for your hair reflect light is to make the last rinse with cold water. It helps to close the cuticle of the hair, and, therefore, leaves it even brighter.
4- Beautiful hair as in SALON
Do you know the secret of washing the hair salon? Massage. Professionals wash  your hair calmly enough, because besides removing all dirt and grease, and stimulate circulation in the scalp, increasing the number of nutrients that go into the cells.

5- Rinse very well the hair

Do not leave residue of conditioner in the strands. Instead of moisturizing, leave an heavy appearance. Take the test: after the last rinse, twist the hair - if the hand slide easily, soak them again until you feel the texture of them.
6- Diet leaves your hair strong,soft and shiny
Do you know that your diet is also responsible for the strength of your hair? "Gives preference to dark green vegetables, eggs and foods with vitamin A and C, such as carrots, liver, orange and tangerine". Lean meats, banana, almond and tomato also leave the hair softer. Eight glasses of water a day will also help. The fish, milk and dairy products - for having calcium - leave the hair shiny.

7- Massage the hair carefully
With cream on the palms, rub well the hair from top to bottom. This movement is known as "gloving" and causes the product to reach  best the hair. " It allows the fibers to realign and reposition the cuticle. On this way, we obtain a perfect result".
8- Tricks to say goodbye to frizz
Natural appearance: passing the flat iron in the ends, turn the unit out or inside. This prevents them from getting spiky.
No frizz: have curly hair? Use diffuser coupled to the dryer.
No hands: nothing to rub  hand in your hair. To end up with frizz hair, use silicone-based cream.
To end the brush or flat iron, turn the cold blast of air from the dryer to finish the electricity.

Has  a brilliant recipe to give more brightness without increasing oiliness: Dilute two tablespoons (soup) of apple cider vinegar in a quart of water. If you want, ping two drops of the perfume of your choice into the mix. Use the mixture on the hair along with the water of the last rinse. To further control the oiliness, not consume fatty foods.
10-The right dye for your hair
Depending on the color of your skin, some shades should not be used. For example the black women like me, do not combine with white blond, they should choose reddish tones. Descendants of Arabs who have more greenish color, do not look good with gold tone. Eastern and crossbred can not use gray colors - is better to opt for brown.The white women  are free to choose all colors.

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