Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Discovering Taiwan

  Hi guys, As I live in Taiwan I will enjoy talking about Taiwan, is a state in The East Asia. I live in Taiwan about two years, is a good and calm country, the people here are a little bit reserved. From my experience, I can say that is a good country to live in, although I am still trying to become accustomed to things here. Taiwan has so many beautiful places to visit such as museums, temples, water parks, etc.. here have many night markets that you can find many good things like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories at a good price and very cheap, there has also so many varieties of food. The Taipei Metro service is very convenient, very safe and  very clean. If you want to come but are worried because you do not like Chinese or Taiwanese food do not worry, In Taiwan has so many kinds of restaurants as Italian, American, Portuguese, Mexican, Brazilian, etc. ..I'll tell the most important place to visit in Taiwan. And if you want to come to Taiwan just pack up the luggage and I wait for you here. Bon voyage

The places to visit in Taiwan

                                                             1- Taipei 101
         2- Lin family Mansion and Garden
3- Mengjia Longshan Temple
                              4-Shilin Night Market (my favorite place in Taiwan)
 5-Alishan National Scenic Area
6- Love River
7- Fengjia Night Market
8- Taipei Zoo
    9- 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan
10- Eternal Spring Shrine
11- Kenting National Park
12-Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Village
13- Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center
14- Dragon and Tiger Pagodas  

There's more but those are just the places I visited.

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