Sunday, July 13, 2014

Movies to watch with your boyfriend

Hello my sweet,
Nothing better than a weekend after a long week of work and stress, for  who just wants to stay at home next to your girl / boyfriend watching a movie ,I have listed the best movies to watch with your girl / boyfriend, so prepares popcorn and  choose one . I hope you enjoy it

1- A walk to remember
2- A lot like love
3- What happens in Vegas
4- Friends with benefits
5- Killers/ Kiss & Kill
6- Just go with it
7- Just friend
8- No Strings attached
9- New york, I love you
10- The Rebound
11- 50 First Dates
12- Along Came Polly
13- The Break-Up
14- To Rome with Love
15- The Proposal
16- Life as We Know It
17- Silver Linings Playbook 
18- Just Like Heaven 
19- Shallow Hal

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