Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Party Outfits Inspiration And Makeup

Hello sweeties,
Another end of the year, I hope  all of you have been successful, and I hope that the year 2015 will be better for all of you. In the year-end is the time of reflection, and to make balance of our lives, the achieved goals, failure, and not fulfilled promises. But new year, new goals, new promises, new achievements, and  all above this a lot of health. And I know  some of you have a party, and want to be beautiful and elegant, or do not know what to wear (like me). So I prepared some outfits for you guys to get inspired. And hope you like it. Happy New Year for all of you

Makes for New Year's Eve: Get inspiration from the famous

1- Sandra Bullock
The actress bet on a burgundy coordinated with  black smoky eyes .

2- The focus of Keira Knightley makeup is the powerful look. Well drawn eyebrows, black eyeliner, shadow gray and illuminating the eye, mark this makeup. But the eyelashes
make all the difference!

3- Eva Longoria, she blended shades of purple, black and graphite creating a audacious and elegant look in her eyes. The smoky also gives an air of sophistication and is perfect for
 evening party.

4- The nude lips of Kim Kardashian makes an interesting contrast to the eyes well marked black. Combine with a rosy blush on the apples. Classic makeup and it goes well on all occasions.

5- In this makeup, Katy Perry applied the black pencil around the eye, much mascara and the effect was the same purposeful blurred. And is perfect for a post-New Year's Eve club.

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