Friday, January 30, 2015

10 signs (from him) that you are in a serious relationship

Hi sweeties,
Many of us women when we start a relationship, we are in doubt if the guy  only wants a passenger relationship or a serious relationship . That is the doubt, how to know if the guy wants a serious relationship. So I have listed 10 tips, how to know if he wants a serious relationship.

1- He asks you  how will be your weekend before to plan. He wants to join you in your events and asks you to do not agree nothing to go to him to his events. So cute!

2- That message "Hey, how's your day?" means he is already missing to hear your news. You guys are getting closer and the daily lives of each other become important to you.

3- When he receives an invitation to a work event or for a wedding of a friend from high school, he informs you and he tells you there's place for a companion.

4- The favorite restaurant, that wonderful view. He wants to include you in his universe and wants to share all thing that makes him feel good.

5- There are only two reasons makes a man to watch women's programs by her side: 1-  he wants only sex or attempt to gain extra points. If you have already had sex with him, he's being extremely cute !

6- Comes to your home with extra clothes and toothbrush. Ok! He came prepared to stay for the breakfast is a sign things are serious there.

7-  You are already important in the guy's life and his friends recognize this. They want to  learn more about your life, at least,  was you who hooked the boy's  heart!

8- When you tell him you are flu he does not only says "I'll let you rest." He appears in your home with delicious tidbits to please you! He and spends the night in pajamas  with you!

9- He does not despair if you have not slept with him the past three days. He is understanding and respect your time and space. From the moment he has heard from you and knows that all is well, he lets you free to think and reflect , maybe, in future dating .

10- If you invite for the birthday of her best friend he gets excited! This happens also when it comes to your family. He does not seem embarrassed to appear Sunday at home. 


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