Friday, January 23, 2015

Homemade recipe to hydrate your hair

Hello sweeties,
For those who do not like cream treatment for hair, whether by its composition or the fact of not being "so natural", the Connected World brings to you a hydration recipe that can be made at home. 

What You will  need:
2 aloe vera leaves ( use the pulp only)
½  avocado 
2 tablespoons of  honey
2 tablespoons of argan Oil  (can be purchased at any pharmacy)
2  tablespoons of flaxseed Oil (can be purchased in any market)
2 tablespoons of natural Yogurt 

Wash your hair with shampoo only, put this mixture and leave in hair for 20 to 30 minutes preferably in an aluminum cap. Rinse and use a conditioner to seal the cuticles.
Such treatment may be done once a week in more damaged hair and every 15 days for the other hair.

Aloe Vera benefits:

oleo vera

 The Aloe Vera is a great for the  hair health,  which is a natural plant from North Africa, it seems  as a kind of green cactus, which has numerous medicinal properties (not only for the hair). Its benefits include:
Nourishing action: It stimulates the formation of cells and tissues because it has 18 of the 23 amino acids necessary for human body;
  Regenerating action: It contributes to the elimination of old cells and the formation of new cells;
  Moisturizing Action: Aloe Vera has a gel that restores damaged tissues and moisturizes the skin;
  Digestive action: Aloe Vera has enzymes that facilitate the digestion;
  Anti-inflammatory Action: It has properties that aid in the treatment of inflammation, burns and infections.
Anticancer action: The plant also has the ability to stop tumor growth when used as a therapeutic form complement.

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