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Special Valentine's Day: 10 cocktails recipes to drink with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day

Hello sweeties,
Valentine's Day is some questions of what to do, where to go and get away from the routine.
If you do not know what to do to surprise your sweetheart on next Valentine's Day, know that preparing a delicious cocktail is a good option that usually works very well. Learn 10 romantic cocktails to drink with your love on Valentine's Day, and have a very special day.

There are many delicious cocktails that can be prepared for Valentine's Day. The most delicious is the following 10:

1. Love Cocktail

love cocktail

120 ml of champagne
One or two drops of Angostura
A sugar cube
A splash of Campari
A strawberry or cherry for decoration

The cocktail of love is an alcoholic beverage of easy preparation. Place one or two drops of Angostura in a sugar cube and put it into a glass of champagne. Then add a splash of Campari and add champagne. If you want to put a strawberry or cherry to garnish the glass of champagne for a more tropical look.

2. French Kiss
French kiss


90 ml of champagne
60 ml of Alizé Gold Passion liqueur 
A strawberry and cherry

The French kiss is a cocktail easy and it takes about two minutes to be prepared. Just add champagne with Alizé Gold Passion liqueur in a glass of champagne and serve well chilled. In terms of decor, you can put strawberries or cherries to decorate the cup.

3. Happy forever
Felizes para sempre


25 ml of rum
25 ml of Cynar (Italian bitter liqueur)
25 ml of cherry brandy
0.75 ml of Averna (Italian appetizer)
A whiskey splash
crushed ice

To make this cocktail, mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice, except for Cynar (Italian bitter liqueur). Shake the cocktail with consistency and pour it, together with crushed ice to a cocktail glass. Then add the Cynar and drink in moderation.

                  4. Cocktail love night

Cocktail 1

50 ml of gin
15 ml of raspberry liquor Chambord
0.75 ml of simple syrup in syrup
0.75 ml of fresh lemon juice
0.75 ml of lemon juice
Lemon zest

To prepare this cocktail, mix all ingredients in a bowl or shaker. Then, stir all prepared in a consistent manner and pour it into a cocktail glass. Decorate the glass where the drink will be served with lemon zest for a more natural effect.

5. Love Potion

50 ml of strawberry vodka
25 ml of cocoa cream white
½ cup of fresh strawberries
1 cup vanilla ice cream
A splash of milk
crushed ice
A strawberry for decoration

The love potion is an extraordinary drink for those who like to incorporate the fruit into cocktails. To prepare properly, use a blender and put inside all the ingredients, except the strawberry. Mix all ingredients and pour it into a margarita glass. Decorate the glass with strawberry to give you a more romantic appearance.

6. Cocktail Flirtini
Cocktail Flirtini


2 pieces of fresh pineapple
15 ml of liquor Cointreau
15 ml of vodka
30 ml of pineapple juice
90 ml of champagne
A cherry or strawberry for decoration

To prepare this drink, moisten two pieces of fresh pineapple with Cointreau liqueur and place them in the bottom of a cocktail glass. Then add the vodka, pineapple juice, and champagne and serve well chilled. This is a simply delicious drink!

7. Red champagne cocktail
Cocktail de champanhe vermelho


120 ml champagne
30 ml of cranberry juice


The preparation of this cocktail is easy to perform. Place the cranberry juice in a glass of champagne, open the bottle of champagne as a professional and fill the glass to the top. Serve well chilled.

8- Strawberry martini 


30 ml of gin
15 ml of dry vermouth
30 ml of strawberry syrup
crushed ice
A strawberry for decoration
Method of preparation

To prepare this cocktail place gin, dry vermouth and strawberry syrup in a shaker with ice. Then stir gently all ingredients and strain the preparation for a glass of martini. In terms of decoration, you can put a strawberry to decorate the glass.

9. Cocktail Valentine
Cocktail Valentine


45 ml of raspberry vodka
30 ml of raspberry liquor
15 ml lemon juice
120 ml champagne
fresh raspberries
crushed ice


To make this cocktail, put the vodka, liqueur and lemon juice in a shaker with crushed ice. Then add two or three raspberries in a champagne flute and pour prepared lying inside the shaker. Finally, add champagne and serve immediately.

10. Morning Kiss
morning kiss


25 ml of peach brandy
25 ml of gin
30 ml of orange juice
crushed ice
120 ml champagne


The morning kiss is a cocktail of easy preparation. First, mix all ingredients except champagne in a blender. Then filter the preparation for a large glass of wine. Finally, add champagne and serve well chilled.

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