Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Special Valentine's Day 2015: Decorations Ideas

I feel a little bored to see all commercial appeal around dates, at first sight, should celebrate precious presence in our lives as mothers, fathers, children and lovers. The  shops is always filled with people buying perfume, clothes, watches and many other products that will be paid, packaged, delivered and received without any symbolic meaning. I like the symbolic. Or necessary.
In my way of dealing with life, passion - or love, or both - is feeling to care about and celebrate every day. Any weekend is a good excuse to prepare a special breakfast for each other. Any cold day is a good reason to share a blanket while watching a movie. Every smile or sweet look is good for a declaration of love . 
Valentine's Day there are many activities that we can do, such as a dinner , go in the cinema, go to a bar, or go to a nightclub ....
For those who want to avoid a crowded restaurant, or want something  reserved.
Or if you decided to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend with a romantic dinner, I brought some decoration ideas for you. I hope you like it.

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