Friday, February 13, 2015

Special valentine's day: outfits inspiration to be beautiful at any time

Hello sweeties,
Go out with boyfriend or someone that you like, there are so many many questions about what to wear. By experiencing sometimes we are undecided if he will like and if he is not too exaggerated, the well-chosen outfit is essential to our self-esteem.
The perfect outfit to strengthen self-confidence and expresses the personality of who is wearing. Therefore, the choice should be an addition of personal taste,  to the occasion . Check out some suggestions of what to use to get out with your loved one:

Romantic dinner: the occasion calls attention for a special outfit. Bet on dresses or skirts, complete with fairer blouses or shirts. The pants also have time, consider the model "flare", which elongates the silhouette .

Bar with boyfriend and friends: relaxed atmosphere, this situation - which can be at day or night - combines with fresh, uncluttered outfits. Bet on prints or bold colors with jeans.

Cinema: just watch a movie does not  need  be synonymous of neglect. To ensure the sophistication of visual, bet blazer: with pants or light dresses, they protect the air conditioning of the rooms and are still very charming; the same goes for knitwear.

Nightclub: the evening parties are the perfect time to use and abuse of cropped tops, short lengths or necklines - these elements together, however, may result in an exaggerated visual; is best avoided.

Casual stroll: in casual situations, the good old jeans is the perfect requested. Combine with accessories and fine blouses. The colorful pieces are also good options and look great with neutral accessories; as well as the first image.

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