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Ideal clothes for your body shape - Feminity and glamorous

Hello guys,
No one is born stylish, but with particular genetic load. The body may have the form of a triangle or a rectangle, or even look like a pear or a toothpick.
But there is always a clothing, a color, a suitable cloth for every body type. "Who understands the own silhouette gets a miraculous effect.
There is always an outfit that leaves the woman well-dressed, whether or not being up to date with the diet and fitness.
Thin waist and sharp curves are desires of many women with regard to the visual. The good news is that you can create this effect using the right outfits, exploiting the body and leave as outlined format. Check out some tips on clothing to fine tune the waist according to your body type.

different type of body shape

Inverted triangle and Rectangle

The rectangular body is what has shoulders and waist with the same width as the inverted triangle is having wider shoulder than the hip. For both formats, the tip to fine tune the waist is to give more volume to the hip. Therefore, parts like harem pants, dressed in skirts in the format are the most suitable, as they have the widest base.
What helps:
- Coats and Jackets, leaving the clothes finest at the waist;

- Trousers without pleats, not to cause more volume at the waist;

- Trousers with straight and tapered cuts, or even with a little wide mouth;

- Belt or tracks on the clothes . Give preference for dark colors, as its make you look thin. However, if you have a little belly, prefer not to use them.

- Blazer: search for those has belts with the same cloth.

- Use belts of the same color of the pants, dark tone, as this gives a visual impression that the dropped waist.
- Try to draw attention to the neck, diverting attention from the waist. Use and abuse of necklines, earrings, necklaces. The best necklines are in a "V", "U".

- A suggestion for those who like flared skirt, or short skirts .

- For those who like the corset is also great, as it helps to sculpt the curves, and tapering the waist.

Another tip to fine tune the waist is the use of the belt properly. Instead of placing it just below the bust - where the waist is not so thin - look to put it toward the navel. This trick will help you to create an hourglass waist effect


three fashion women

What to avoid:
- Square and cut off shirts or blazers;

- Turtlenecks, since it makes the lap to be totally covered, leaving the silhouette even heavier;

- Short jackets;

- Straight cut dress;

- Fair and tapered skirt;

For the woman with the physical type of body the triangle type, the trick is to make the shoulders extend horizontally, reaching the hip measurement, or visually reduce the hip.
wide pants

What helps?
- Cava shirts or knits with , must overcome the shoulder line, producing a stretching effect;

- Trousers or skirts dark colors, since the dark color make you look thins; (not too tight)

- Cleavage shoulder to shoulder, or letting out the shoulder. This clearly increases the shoulders;

- Hopefully fall is great for those in form;

- Volume Sleeved;

- Colored blouses and shirts;

- Skirts and dresses A-Line;

- Sleeve shirts

Important: The height of blazers, shirts, or twin-set, should be always  above or below the widest part of your hips, should never fall on it, it forms a horizontal line, which further increases the hip.

What to avoid?
- Pants or pleated skirt, low-waist, which increases the hip, and corsair pants, which decreases the leg and stresses the hip even more. Very tight pants also highlights the hip, giving the impression of increasing it.

- Cigarette pants or stretch;

- Backless cloth, which further decrease the shoulders;

- Pants or skirt puffy, which also increase the hip;

- Very thin straps tanks;

- Details at the hips, such as bags, embroidery, ruffles, and ....

- Very short Miniskirt

- Wide belts or too skinny  on hips;

- Top dark color, and the bottom light color;

pear shape

The body type pear is characterized by narrow shoulders and wide hips. So for left more thin waist, the trick is to give more volume to the top. Puffed sleeves or ruffled and light shoulder pads, for example, help to create this effect. In addition, bet on light colors on top and dark below, it helps to balance the set.

Round/ Apple
For those who have the body type rectangle but want to hide the flab in the abdominal area, also worth betting on parts that gives more volume to the bottom. However,  the trick is to bet on more loose tissues and fluids, which do not mark the fats.
women using coat

What helps:
- Abusing all that draws attention to the neck, as necklines, earrings, necklaces.

- Blazers, shirts or knits beyond the waistline. Do not put nothing in the belly height or in the middle of the hip, because they create an illusion that the hip is even bigger, not less as is our intention.

- Pants and skirts without folds, not to create volume in unwanted place.

- High waist-ed pants , with straight cut.

- Necklines "V" and "U"

What to avoid:

- Anything that draws attention to the waist: short shirts that show the belly, pants with low waist and pants or skirts with pleats.

- Belt or tracks over clothing, so light-colored , as dark.

- Turtleneck

- Too tight pants or leggings type, which leaves very narrow leg and highlights the belly;

-  Light- colored cloth and shiny;

- Horizontal stripes;

- Paste type collar or with many turns;

- Bulky fabrics;

- Blouse inside pants;

- Folds, ruffles and drapes;

- Dress with cutout below the bust;

This is the physical type that every woman would like to have. If the woman has this physical type of "Hourglass" and is skinny, even better, because she can use everything! But if is not skinny, and you need visually to reduce the hips and breasts.
clothes for hourglass shape

What helps:
- Tops, Tank Tops, Unique front, pants with fold or without fold, details on any part of the body;

- If you are not a large bust, can use high collar;

- Cutting Fighter straight and low waist;

- Flowing skirts A-Line, or tight skirt

Important: If the person is the physical type "Hourglass", but is chubby, you need attention! Do not forget that the person has waist, so take the time to explore it. (See tips for the physical type of the rectangle).

What to avoid:

- Straight  clothing, which will turn the person into a triangle shape;
- Dressed in a trapezoid shape, are released in the body and give the feeling of creating volume at the waist and more hip.

- Shirts Blazers or very broad shoulders, it will leave the person with the shape of inverted triangle;

- Turtlenecks, where these have much bust, it gives the illusion of being overweight;


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