Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Makeup tips and tricks for black skin

Hello beautiful women
If you are black like me and have the problem of getting the right makeup?
I have some difficulty to find the right shade for my skin, and gets more complicated because I live in Taiwan so you can see !!!
Today I'm gonna to share you some tips and tricks to make a stunning makeup. I hope you like it.


The black skin tends to be oilier, so you have to clean your skin very well with the cleaning fluid and the tonic before applying makeup. Then apply the Facial Primer or a moisturizer.
The darker imperfections of black skins can be neutralized with the Making of Orange Cream Concealer. Then apply the corrective for your shade, tapping the spots with it. The result is a perfect and homogeneous skin.


For dark skins, the "security zone" is good to use the warm colors such as bronze, brown, orange and gold. But black women can also (and should!) Invest in cool colors (blue, purple, green and pink).
If the idea is to make a marked mouth, bet on lipsticks with these shades cranberry shades, plum, wine, coffee, and chocolate. For a soft effect, invest in beige nude or clear gloss.
Jennifer Hudson

The silver and gray shades are a great alternative to evening events. But for the lips,  prefer the nude.
The silver shade highlights the eyes of black women. With this option, apply eyeliner like a fine drawing and the look will be perfect for the night.
Rihanna and Beyonce

In addition to silver, you can use cool shades like purple, blue and green are sure a great option to emphasize your eyes. Mix well the shadow to create the gradient effect
To color, the cheekbones, the optimal color of blush are dark brown, eggplant and terracotta and dark pink.

For coverage,  a tip: very dark skin tend to be darker around the mouth, near the hairline and around the eyes. Invest in two basic foundation shades: one with your natural shade and one in the tone of the dark spots.
image 2

Since you chose correctly the shade, pastel shades are released for black skin. Avoid blue and light pink and invest in dark pink, the salmon color, and the peach variations

put eye shadow

Be careful when choosing the color of the foundation and concealer. A very light shade look artificial. Use concealer  to match with parts of your face where the skin is darker
Jennifer Hudson

The golden illuminating help to enhance the beauty of black skin.
stunning makeup

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