Friday, March 13, 2015

Tips how to be a well dressed and glamorous woman

Today's post is to give some tips about,  how to be a well dressed and glamorous. It's all what we want isn't it?? I want!! Then I separated some tips to help solve this dilemma. Let's go there?!?!
I believe this is an universal feeling in the  women world : "not having anything to wear" is a complaint that we've all done or will make at least once each season. After all, leaves "autumn-winter" and "spring-summer" and it seems that all of us are buying clothes, but is never  enough! This is so me. I hope you like.

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To look taller: 

- Use monochrome

- Use the sock and the shoes in the same color;

- Avoid horizontal lines (Turn-up, pockets, printed bars) and contrasts;

- Use shoe with a little heel; 

To look shorter 

- Use color contrast;

- Use great detail on  the clothing;

- Avoid many vertical lines;

- Avoid monochromatic;

- Avoid very small details for its size;

- Use horizontal details, such as large lapels, horizontal stripes, turn-ups and pockets;

To look Slim

- Use vertical lines;

- Use monochrome clothes;

- Use flowing lines;

- Avoid horizontal lines below the shoulders;

- Avoid loose or too tight clothes;

- Avoid double-fastened/crosses;

- Use pencil skirt and tapered skirts;

To look a little plump

- Use horizontal detail, wide belts, stripes, turn-ups and pockets.

- Use folds;

- Use bulky clothes or textured fabrics;

Disguise your breast size

- Use vertical lines, such as necklines "V", open Blazers, shirts with buttons;

- If you have sagging breast, avoid  deep necklines;

- Use more loose blouses in light fabrics;

- Avoid  large collars, covering the bust; (never use high collar)

- Avoid adding volume in the bust height: textures, prints, pleats, pockets, tops, and jackets, as vests, boleros.

- Avoid high waist pants, skirts and dresses;

- Avoid wide belts;

To increase the breast size

- Add volume at the waist: textures, prints, pleats, pockets.

- Avoid  deep necklines and tight-fitting blouses. For those who have little breast, never - use very tight shirt;

- Scarves, scarf, and necklaces help add volume in the bust area.  However, avoid very long necklaces that will create a vertical line in the region;

- Necklines with furrowed in the middle;

To increase the butt size visually

- Avoid very tight clothes

- Use straight and loose trousers;

- Wear loose skirts and dresses

- Pants with pockets on the butt mainly pockets with buttons (that create a false volume)

To minimize the butt size

- Use straight and loose trousers;

- Avoid pockets in the butt;

- Avoid skirts and shorts;

- Avoid  high waist or low waist;

- Wear loose sweaters and coats;

- Avoid belted sweaters and coats, as parkas and jackets;

- Avoid very clinging fabrics or bulky below the waist;

- Avoid too large prints or spaced;

- Skirt is better than pant;

- Wear loose skirts and dresses, avoid the folds and volume.

- Avoid  very wide belts at the hips;

Disguise the thighs size

- Avoid too tight clothes or bulky below the waist;

- Avoid pockets at the hips;

- Use straight and loose trousers;

- Avoid short;

- Wear loose skirts and dresses, but without volume;

- Avoid very short skirts;

- Avoid  belted sweaters and coats , ending at the thickest part of the thigh;

Lengthen your legs visually

- Wear clothes with vertical lines below the waist: straight or creased pants,

- Use monochrome;

- Avoid low waist;

- Avoid pants with turn-ups (that flatten)

- Wear belts, socks and shoes the same color of your skirt or pants;

- Wear high heel shoes, use skirts below the knee;

- Avoid shoes with ribbons tied at the ankle or with very high upper;

Disguise your tummy

- Draw attention to the shoulders;

- Wear loose sweaters and coats;

- Avoid sweaters and jackets, marking the waist, as parkas, jackets;

- Avoid very large prints or patterns

- Wear the shirt inside the pants, slightly loose;

- Avoid high waist or low waist pants;

- Avoid very wide belts;

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