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Tips how to spice up your relationship

Hello girls,
Today I'm gonna to talk about a subject that interests so much to us  women.
The main complaint of men is in  frequency is about relationship, because in general, they see sex  more everyday  than women. Especially in situations where the relationship is long, propose some ways to spice things up is the key. "The secret to spice things up , is knowing  well your partner and understanding what he likes and what he does not like.
Sometimes we have to make much effort to the relationship or sex life not fall into the routine after a certain time together. So I studied a little about the subject and I brought some tips to spice up your sex life. I hope you like it. XoXo


The first tip is: You should only spice up a healthy relationship. "If your relationship is in crisis, this will not do anything for you. Better is look for a therapist.

Mr&Mrs Smith

The second important tip:  just do what combine with you. . "Forget finger in the mouth , there's no point in appear using leather and holding the whip in your hand, that has nothing to do with you.And you look at yourself and ask: How do I see this woman? Do I like what I'm seeing? How can I improve this woman? So do I feel confident? "Improve the look can be a good initiative for those who want to spice up the relationship.
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To spend an amazing night with your love, nothing better than to choose a pretty and sensual lingerie. "The sexy lingerie is not tiny one, red and flashy as many people think. The sexy lingerie is the one that  hides what bothers the woman because then she will feel confident and show what they like,". "And the man in time to realize that she feels confident with herself, he will want to take off the lingerie!

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Work in your five senses
Another tip  is to explore your five senses. To work the hearing, put a soft music, low volume. To taste, opt for a drink such as champagne or wine, and fruits such as strawberry and cherry. Use a striking perfume for fanning the smell. "Put a little below in the groin and let him feel the fragrance every time you are having sex,". The way you touch is very important. "Use as much as you want of touch. Discover his body, which parts of his that you touch that make him going crazy." Also, try the massage oil. "But use sparingly because man does not like to be luscious,

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Finally, stir up with his vision, which is the strongest male sense. "Women are the main aphrodisiac  of men. So your look has to be flawless," . "Hydrate  your skin; let the  hair very pretty, regardless of it being long or short; make a good makeup, highlight the eyes because what you feel in your heart, you transmit in look.

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