Monday, March 09, 2015

Today's Inspiration - Streetstyle

Hello guys,
Today I'm gonna talk about street style.
More than portraying the street fashion, the street style is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that influences and creates new trends, from the major fashion capitals.
Currently, street style blogs are an unavoidable reference in the world of fashion and style, taking daily to followers around the world, inspiring images of both the feminine style, as male.
The street style has been gaining more and more followers, giving full emphasis on anonymous looks, models and celebrities, who wander the city streets.
New York, Paris, Tokyo, London and Milan are some of the many scenarios where the photographers from around the world capture the best and most inspiring looks of common person.

Coco Chanel phrases

Three fashion models


Three fashion women

Three pretty women

A pretty woman

Three fashion women

Three different fashion style

so cute

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