Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Delicious homemade Ice Cream

Hello girls,
Who loves ice cream? I can not live without ice cream, is my favorite dessert. Lately, Taiwan is so hot, and this is a good option to refresh me. There have so many recipes to make at home, and it can less caloric than that one you buy in the supermarket. Today I want to share with you, my favorite recipes to make at home. I hope you like it.

Mango Ice cream
Mango Ice Cream


. 2 egg whites
. 1 pinch of salt
. 7 g  of unflavored gelatin powder
. 80 ml of water
. 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
. 200 ml of milk ( I use light milk)
. 1 can of mango pulp (460 g)
. 1 lemon juice


 Place in a blender the egg white, salt and set 2 min/level 3 ½. Remove and set aside in a container.
 In a small bowl place the gelatin with water and place in the microwave 20 to 30 seconds.
Place in the other blender cup, condensed milk, milk, mango pulp, lemon juice and set 1 min/level 3.
Then, program 20 sec / 3 ½ level through the cap add the melted gelatin.
Remove to a container, add the mixture of egg white and mix very well. Take it to the freezer.

Passion fruit ice cream (I love it)

passion fruit Ice Cream


. 1 can of passion fruit pulp
. 1 can of condensed milk
. 200 ml of heavy cream
. 2 natural yogurts
. 4 tablespoons of sugar (replace with sweetener)
. 5 spoons of water


Prepare the ice cream:
Add half of the Passion with condensed milk. Beat the cream and involve in the preparation of passion fruit. Add the yogurt and mix well. Pour into a container, cover and place in the freezer for overnight.

Prepare the syrup:
Add the remaining passion fruit pulp with sugar and water. Bring to the boil for three minutes, stirring constantly. Remove and let cool.

Place in previously frozen glasses. With the help of a spoon for ice cream, make ice cream balls and add the syrup to the top.
For a special flavor, you can add at the end of the ice cream preparation, a spoon of coffee, vanilla essence.

Oreo Ice Cream
Oreo Ice Cream

 2 packets of Oreo cookies
2 can of condensed milk
 2 packages of heavy cream

Crush the Oreos (may leave some larger pieces). Whisk the cream very well and then add the milk. After adding the crushed Oreos, stir well until all mixed and it is ready, easy and delicious! Then take to the freezer, and serve cold.

Coconut and Oreo cookies ice cream
Oreo and coconut Ice Cream

400 ml of coconut milk
1 can of  light condensed milk
400 ml of skimmed milk
400 ml of light heavy cream
2 tablespoons grated coconut
Oreo cookies

Mix the coconut milk with condensed milk, cream, and milk.
Add the grated coconut. (If you have ice cream machine prepare ice cream according to the instructions of the manufacturer of your ice cream machine).
I added the crushed oreo cookies before placing in a blender,  but if you prefer you can add oreo at the end of preparation. Take it to the freezer for about 2 hours.
Serve with crumbled biscuits and indulge yourself! ...


  1. I tried the ice cream and it is really very delicious, I loved the recipes


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