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Homemade juices to improve skin and hair health

Hello girls,
As anyone know, the alimentation  influences the appearance of the skin and our body. If your diet is not healthy, it will reflect directly on the appearance of the skin, which may develop spots, pimples, wrinkles, blackheads, cellulite, sagging and signs of aging, among other problems.
Keeping a balanced diet is the best way to prevent these conditions. That's because beauty is generated from the inside to out, and the nutrients are present in the body that will nourish the skin and make it more beautiful. Thus, fibers, vegetables, raw vegetables, fruits and plenty of water are fundamental for a Cinderella skin.
The juices lead to body nutrients that help to keep the flawless beauty, the improvement in the vitality of skin and hair may be related to food.
Who does not want to have a princess skin? You can fight this  beauty problems with the help of some powerful juice. But you do not need to spend the day drinking only juice: a glass daily is enough. I hope you like it


Juice 1

· 1 green apple
· 1 large cabbage leaf
· 1 slice of pineapple
· 1 orange

 In a blend put the apple, cabbage, pineapple and orange. If you prefer, garnish the glass with some mint leaves.

How does it act in your body?
Anti-inflammatory action, is detoxifying and activates the production of keratin, reducing the oiliness of the face and hair.

Juice 2

· 1 carrot
· 1 medium slice of beet
 . 2 cabbage leaves
· 1 handful of spinach
· 1 green apple
· 1/2 orange

Put the in a blender, and beat, then serve well chilled.

How does it act in your body?
This combination of ingredients takes some of the most powerful foods in the fight against wrinkles! Vitamin also improves skin texture and leaves the strongest and shiny hair.
juice 3

Juice 3
· 2 passion fruit (seedless)
· 8 strawberries
· 1 slice of mango
· 1 cabbage leaf
· 1 cup of cold water

Beat all ingredients in a blender and serve with ice pebbles. It need not strain!

How it acts in your body
Refreshing, detoxifying, has anti-inflammatory action and helps in the formation of collagen, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Juice 4
· 1/2 cup of orange juice
· 1 grated carrot
· 1 col.  of golden linseed
· 1 broccoli
· 1/2 cup of cold mineral water

Beat all ingredients in a blender and serve sweeten to taste with honey or sweetener (no sugar place, if you use sugar, you will get a diva hair and  extra pounds).

How it acts in your body
Made with golden flax seed, helps the body produce keratin, a substance that serves as the basis of nails and hair. Flax-seed can be found in pharmacies or stores that sell natural products.
juice 2

juice 5

2 · cabbage leaves
· 1 cup.  of spinach leaves
· 1 handful of fennel leaves
· 1 orange juice
· 1/2 grated carrot
· 1 handful of mint
· 1 nut

Way of doing
Chop the ingredients  and mix all in a blender, with some ice cubes. Drink immediately.

How it acts in your body
Energy, this vitamin cleans the entire body, removing toxins, and even has anti-inflammatory action, which shields the body against flu, colds, sinusitis attacks and other diseases.

100 g Avocado
1 small apple
50 g celery
50 g of spinach
50 g of Cucumber
ice cube

In the centrifuge process celery, spinach, cucumber and apple. Bring the mixture to a blender and add the avocado and ice. Beat and drink.

2 chopped carrots
½ apple with the peel and seedless
1 cup chopped melon
1 slice ginger shelled
½ cup of parsley
1 tablespoon flax seed  - soak in water overnight
Sweetener (optional)

Put the ingredients in the centrifuge or in a blender. Alternatively strain and drink.

The carrot and parsley are sources of beta-carotene, which converted in the body into vitamin A, stimulates the immune system and acts on recovery and brightness of the skin. Also has anti-inflammatory substances and fights aging.


 2 carrots
½ cucumber
½ beet
250 ml water

Cut into slice all ingredients, add water and mix everything in a blender. Strain and drink the juice immediately.
juice 1

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