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Tips to make a professional makeup at home

Hello pretty women,
To make a professional makeup is the dream of all of us women, did you know that you do a professional makeup by yourself? Is not enough to have a wonderful makeup kit. To use cosmetics to your advantage you need to follow some rules.
Before all:
Just follow this tips and you will get a professional makeup. I hope you like it and do not forget to comment below.

How I prepare my skin before make:

I use a facial Cleanser to remove makeup and impurities from my skin.
Close the pores can improve the look. Therefore, before applying the foundation, I put the ice or cold water in the face.
"The low temperature helps in retaining the makeup, the result of the makeup of the skin is more interesting and the most beautiful face."
I apply an astringent lotion, then the tonic making a circular movement, which balances the pH of the skin, finally a moisturizer, sunblock, or a primer. With these skin, products will be prepared to receive the makeup. I know this looks a long process, but believe me, your skin will keep beauty and health for a long time.


 The purpose is to equal the skin. A sponge helps in this process.
Around the eyes, it is better to apply the liquid foundation, powder in rest of face.  For smooth skin, without bones and few brands of expression, based on the cane is the most appropriate.
For women who have spots and pimples, you can keep baby skin, applying the liquid foundation with a sponge then apply the foundation powder. The chosen color should be as close as possible to the skin shade.
 Avoid exaggeration in the foundation to not be extremely artificial or create thick layers, and be attentive to the validity of the products.

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Apply concealer with your fingers

The fingers, if well cleaned, are the ideal tool to apply cream products. In the case of correction, helps the fingers to have more sensitivity to the amount of product that you get the package. The ring finger, by the way, is the most "Light" of all, so it works well. The warmth of the hands also helps to smooth well the product on the skin.


 In the upper eyelid, near the nose, the light color is a good idea, and the outer region, darker shades. Finally, the shadow should form a gradient. During the day the woman should opt for light shadows and forget the shadows with brightness ...
 The color is chosen also need to be in harmony with the clothing and should avoid exaggeration always.
Blending the eyeshadow toward the eyebrow to raise and enhance the look
Whenever you use eyeshadow, work well in blending it. With this technique, the look is less marked and a well finished face. Ideally blending in the corner of your eye towards the inner corner. Otherwise, the look is sad and melancholy. Use a brush with a little shade - remember to remove excess, in a tissue or beating the brush against the hand - or else a clean brush, it will do just the job
to blend the shadow that has been deposited.


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 A trick. Pull eyes like an oriental, so if you have more firmly in the area that will apply the pencil.
 The common is that women fill the eyelid with black pencil. "But for a dramatic effect, a tip is to use in the final region of the eye near the nose, a white pencil, silver or pearl.

Applying the blush on cheekbone and blending for temples

The key time to apply the blush is the smoothness, not to stay with the famous effect "slipper". For this, the ideal is to take little product with a specific brush, remove excess by tapping the back of the hand, and apply in a circular motion in a diagonal joining the tip of the nose to the forehead. If you are looking for a "health" effect, apply in the cheekbone and give a flushed look. If you want to be more sophisticated, just follow the cheekbone. Do not reach the desired color at once: it is better to apply some product at a time and go slowly darkening.

Making facial contour

Little by little, women are learning the favorite trick of celebrities to come out well in the picture: the facial contour. This technique uses light and dark shade to sharpen and shape the face. Who wants to start can invest in a darker powder - as a bronzer dull - and a lighter shade. The darkest should be used in the jawline, the root of the hair around the forehead, the sides of the nose and below the cheek - the part that is "sunk" when we pout. Little product and a light hand is the secret: the product may not be evident. The clearest powder can be used on the forehead and cheekbones and the bridge of the nose to make it appear thinner. Want to be inspired? Look at the Kim Kardashian pictures.

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Bolsters and combing your eyebrows

In addition to removing the excess of hair wi a tweezers, it is important to highlight the eyebrows in the make time. When use powder foundation and the hairs are covered by these waste products. So, clean the hair and use a seemed shade of  shadow  to fill the spaces between them. To finish off, a colorless mascara or eyebrow gel  works well to hold the hairs in the place.
eye brow fill

Deposit enough mascara at the root of the lashes

It can be very difficult to understand, but this is the preferred way of makeup to apply the mascara. Simply snap the brush at the base of the hairs and shaky it a little from one side to the other, as if brushing your teeth (but gently). Then comb the lashes to the tips. This helps to deposit more products at the root and thus giving more volume.

Do you know how to use illuminator

The illuminator is the one responsible for a makeup with sophisticated face. When applied right, this product gives freshness and health to the skin, and a glamorous glow. To set, apply the illuminator carefully at the forehead, bones of the cheeks, bridge of nose, chin and (that "v" in the lips). Never apply under the eyes or forehead! If you are very white, prefer the pink illuminators. The black woman goes well in gold shadow.


 Gives more expression to your lips, and can tune them or increase them. For makeup becomes complete, three points should be noted.
Color: can be chosen according to the clothing; Question is  the skin color, it is suggested: White Women, in everyday life, you can use light colors and back women, can abuse of dark tones. For evening, you can use any tone.
Lip thickness : women with a thin lips shall define the lip contouring with a lip-liner, that has a warmer color as that used in the rest of the lips. Thus, the lips give the impression of being larger. Those who have fleshy lips should not make the outline and need to be careful with the excess of lipstick to not form layers and the visual become exaggerated.
Lipstick and paper: Do not squeeze the lipstick in your lips because of excesses. The lipstick should give the woman a delicate and feminine look not to letting her trashy. For the lips become dry and free of excess lipstick, you can put a piece of napkin between your lips and open and close the mouth, to take out the excess.
"The main thing  makeup time is not to exaggerate in the colors, the quantity of products, and spend naturalness."
"The makeup must be a trick to give a shine to the female face, no hiding the natural beauty of every woman."


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