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Top well dressed and stylish celebrity

Hello pretty women,
Today's post I'm gonna to share with the most stylish celebrity. The celebrity that I listed are the most well dressed in my opinion. Comment below which celebrity you think is the most stylish.

Blake Lively
Blake has more than impeccable style, what else does highlight is her brightness, she is clearly the kind of woman who does not go unnoticed. She's beautiful, but it is more than beauty, she is elegance, is reliable, is sympathy, is personality.

blake lively style

blake lively

Taylor Swift 
The stripped-down style pleases anyone. And with Swift could not be different. But what we can see that she can be elegant even when she does not need  glamour.
taylor swift style
taylor swift

Owner of a super body and an expressive attitude to outfit, Rihanna won a place in our Style column with her inspiring outfits, outfits selves are clean! she is almost an encyclopedia of bold style and full of character.
Rihanna Style

Leighton Meester

Leighton Marissa Meester is an American singer, songwriter, model and American actress best known for acting as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.
In the style Leighton is well predictable !! In every day life she chooses to basic outfits, wide and very very comfortable.
Leighton on hot days she abuses of long and short dresses with flat sandals and shorts. On cold days she prefers jeans with boots.
Leighton meester style
Leighton meester

Kate Moss
Is fashion icon both in front and behind the camera, but replicate the British top style is not the easiest of tasks.
Her tip to be fashion: "I try to be a little chic. Never would wear under pants or twinset. And whatever I use, turn into something of mine. With confidence, anyone can do it. I think it's not cool to pick a dress from a fashion show and use it the same way that the brand wants you to use, becoming the woman they think. I think is boring, you have to turn that piece in something yours and that's what  fashion is "
kate moss Style
kate moss

kate moss style1

kate moss a

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham is absolute a muse, the eternal and most glamorous of the Spice Girls. Adept of the great brands and products "nothing" basic, Victoria has a closet to cause envy in any woman, especially with her collection of Hermès handbags.

Victoria Beckham style

The singer always rocks in her combinations,  in stage, awards or walking down the street. Betting in fashions accessories and versatile peice , Beyonce can unite the basic to stylish and so is always among the most elegant of American magazines ...
Beyonce style

Emma Watson
The actress owns a unique style and always likes romantic pieces, but in beginning of her career, she was wearing a hippie style. Over the years, the actress began using more elegant outfit. In the red carpet, she always devastates using beautiful dresses and that value her body.
emma watson style

emma watson

Zoe Saldana 
In general, I think she dresses very well and knows how to take advantage of her body.
Refers to the huge belts, which are excellent to highlight the waist and enhance the body shape.
zoe saldana style

zoe saldana
zoe saldana style

 Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez has a sensual and daring style. Everything she wears is very fair,  bright and  neckline.
In every day life, Jennifer Lopez invests in elegant pieces, without showing the body. It is common to see her walking around New York with a trench coat, high heels, glasses with large frames and classic pieces in worked fabrics like plaid pants, knit sweater, fur stole, shoes with details and big bags.
jennifer lopes style
jennifer lopez
jennifer lopz style

 Emma Stone
The style of Emma, is very simple day-to-day, but it is still charming. She abuses of jeans and loose shirts. Also focuses on comfort, so crawling shoes and soft coats are always her first choice.
In more elaborate events, Emma dares and comes out the basics. In his outfits are present dresses with volume skirts, structured, textures and many details. The Peplum model is also well frequent and even pants she maintains the elegance and charm.
emma stone
emma stone

emma stone

Lupita Nyong'o
She has a classic style, and glamorous.

lupita style

 Jessica Alba
One of the actresses that devastates the outfits for daily  life and for parties is Jessica Alba, actress  of the movie  the "Fantastic Four"! Jessica style is super modern, so one of her differentials are the accessories!
jessica alba style

jessica alba style

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