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Homemade facial cream for the spots

Hey girls,
The spots on the face can appear for several reasons: by sun exposure, during pregnancy, due to oral contraceptives, acne etc.
There are some simple and economical recipes for you to prepare at home, your own homemade creams to eliminate the spots.
Do not forget, to avoid spots on the skin, it is better to eliminate the cause that originates the spots, and you should take care about your diet, avoid bad habits such as smoking, use sunscreen, do not take sunbathe when is very very hot etc.
The different recipes I wanna share with, are easy to prepare and have the advantage of not contain aggressive ingredients to the skin. I recommend you to try different recipes to see which fits best in your skin type.
Before application the cream is very important to make a gentle exfoliation in the skin to remove dead cells and enhance its regeneration. You can see some homemade recipes Here.

When you use this creams avoid the sun exposure, because it contains lemon, to not burn your skin.

Homemade facial cream for the  spots


10 drops of hydrogen peroxide
2 tablespoons of powdered milk
6 drops of vegetable glycerin
5 drops of lemon juice

Mix the ingredients well until it forms a creamy paste, which you apply before bedtime on the skin and let overnight, rinse in the morning.


2 tablespoons of ground  oats
250 ml water
 1 spoon of lemon juice 

Mix the ingredients and apply this lotion daily for a week, leaving it acting for 15 minutes and then remove with water.
Homemade facial cream for the  spots


2 tablespoons of orange peel powder
1 spoon of milk
6 drops of vegetable glycerin

Mix all ingredients very well. Apply the cream and leave it until it dries, then remove it with warm water.

3  spoons of turmeric 
1 of honey
1 egg white
5 drops of lemon juice

Mix good quality honey with turmeric powder and egg white until a form a past . Apply this mask for half an hour and rinse with water.


1/5  cup of cucumber juice
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin

1/5  cup of rose water
5 drops of vitamin E oil

Mix the ingredients very well and apply this lotion with a spray bottle in the morning and before go to bed in the night. It is not necessary to remove it with water,  it will help to tone the skin.

Lemon is ideal for clear, clean and disinfect the skin, but can be a bit strong if you have a delicate skin, in which case, you can use it mixed with glycerin.

The Aloe Vera is a plant that helps to moisturize the oily skin and also to heal acne scars and wounds. We can use it directly from the plant, or even buy one of the gels that sell in pharmacies or health food stores.

Rose-hip oil is highly regenerating and healing, ideal for dry and mature skin.

Vitamin E which is used as a preservative in many cosmetics, helps us to cleanse the skin, to give it shine and to eliminate marks and stains that we have.

The geranium essential oil has regenerative properties to the skin, so I recommend to add a few drops in your bleaching cream.

Homemade facial cream for the  spots

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