Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Homemade green tea anti-aging facial mask

Hi girls,
Did you know that green tea does wonder for your skin?
The wonders of green tea for health and even to help lose weight are famous however few people know that green tea can also help rejuvenate and toning the skin.
The herb does wonders for our body and also for our skin, see this homemade recipe that helps  toning and moisturize the skin. I hope you like it.
green tea mask


  1 cup of green tea
  1 bunch of grapes
  1 slice of ginger
  5 tablespoons of green clay
  2 tablespoons of honey
  3 tablespoons of plain yogurt
  1 tablespoon of grape seed oil

How to do

Put all ingredients in a blender and beat for 3 minutes.
Apply the mask in the face, let it acting for 1 hour, and remove with water.
green tea facial mask

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