Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Today's recipe: Homemade breads

For who like homemade and fresh bread at morning or you cannot live without bread for breakfast, I brought this delicious recipes for you, I hope you like it. Delight yourself.


1 kg of flour
600 ml water
400 g of natural levain yeast  (or 5 g of dry yeast or 15 g fresh yeast)
20 g of salt
10 g of flour enhancer or dough enhancer
Prefer good quality flour, special type or premium. Flour with 12% or more protein dispense enhancers
Italian bread


In a container, add flour enhancer, and the this mixture, a bit of water. Then add the natural levain yeast (or dry, or natural substitute).
Tip: for levain not stick in hand, wet it and pull the starter once by placing it in the mix.

Then begin to incorporate the ingredients with one hand. Then add the remaining water gradually and continue incorporating the dough inside the container. Once well aggregated and more homogeneous, arrange the dough on a clean surface, but no flour,  then add the salt to the dough. To knead the dough, start holding one end and stretching it, as if you are tearing it with the palms on the bench, vigorously. Repeat for a few minutes to make it elastic and homogeneous.
Tip: To learn if the dough is at the point, do a test: cut a piece and open it with his fingertips. If a hole is formed, the dough should still be worked

When the dough is elastic, cut into pieces of 500 g, cover them with a common plastic, clean, (not wrap plastic) and let it stand on greased and floured baking tin for 20 minutes. The dough should rest on the format that you will bake it.

Once browned, remove the pan carefully, allow the bread to cool slightly, once they leave very hot oven. The bread keep fresh for 5 days.


1 kg of wheat flour
30 g salt
150 ml of olive oil
20 g of milk powder
3 eggs
45 g of fresh yeast
portuguese bread


Add half (500 g) of plain flour and all of fresh yeast in a bowl of an electric mixer. Beat at medium speed for about 10 minutes. Then slow down and add the other ingredients. Beat for about five minutes. Increase  the speed to medium and beat until the dough come off the mixer stem (about ten minutes).
Once it is done, the dough should rest for 30 minutes covered with a clean plastic. After the rest, cut pieces of  370 g to shape the loaves.

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