Thursday, May 14, 2015

When you find the right guy

Hi girls,
The perfect guy !!! Finding the perfect man is the desire of all women !! Sometimes I wonder does the perfect guy exist,  if it is not only a girl's dream. No one is perfect, but when we find the right person, he just look perfect to you, and does not matter what other people say or think. You just want to be with that person.
We are often looking for the perfect man with unique qualities, that kind of  who calls you beautiful, not hot, and opens the car door for you, he accompanies you to the bathroom on the party to do not leave you alone.
He does not fight with another man for you!
Only kisses you to show that you belong to him!
He does not praise you only for your qualities but for your flaw, and says that he loves you the way you are!
That goes with you to the doctor ... Who cares and gives the affection ... That who worries about you...
Calls you after leaving you at home to say that misses you!
Does not fight with  you because the neckline, but praises and says that's just for him and the others do not need to see ... that remember you every minute even if you do not know!
But sometimes I think why love someone is not to have someone just the way we want to love, mainly is reveal and renounce many times, because if is the way we want would be very easy to love.
I hope you guys like it, and find the right man for you.

When you find a right guy 

He accepts the way you are
No matter how confused, chatty and clumsy you are, he loves every detail of you. It makes you feel good even with the things you do not like about yourself.

He does not only hear what you say, but also what you do not say
He is so attentive that there is no need for you to tell him all the time what you're feeling. Yes, he knows very well!

Your happiness is his happiness, and vice versa
He wants the best for you, even if that means at some cost to it. The right man for you will make your interests his interests too, after all, all he wants is to see you happy. And you certainly will do the same.
Black Orpheus

With him you can just be you
In good and bad days he understands who you are and do not expect you to be anything else. In his eyes, you are special just for being you. No need to pretend.

Even after a bad day, all he wants is to be with you
No matter how bad your or his mood may be, he will always improve when you are with the person you love. He will listen to it patiently and bring the calm that you have not felt for a full day of stress.

You want to share all the experiences with him
Imagine your future with him beside you is something totally natural for you. And thinking about it brings an indescribable comfort.
When you find a right guy

You guys have the same ideal of romance
Whatever is your idea of romance - intimate dinners, romantic trip, stay home and watch - he shares it, and will strive to everything becomes better.

Your love is greater than the fighting impulse
There never seems to be a good idea to fight, because you care too much about him to hurt him. The relationship seems to always be the best option because you're both is happy. In the end, you really can not get angry with each other for long.
right guy


  1. I really loved today's post, is so beautiful when we find the right man, thanks for the tips

    1. Thanks dear, really it is amazing, I hope you find the right guy


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