Friday, June 19, 2015

The woman next to you is the dream of the other .......

Hey girls,
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Women like the truth. But do not truly believe that your cell phone was out of battery, that your friends like her or your ex-girlfriend does not mean anything to you. Women like subtle makeup and a straight hair. Women have angelic and devilish eyes. Both will work with you. Both will take you to heaven or to hell. Women are bad drivers. But are great conductors.

Women who do not drink are good. Those that drink are great. Woman who walks like whom is parading. As one who screams around your tendency to be miss block every year. Better than expensive perfume is bathed smell. And also, the smell of sweaty skin that lends its essence to lighter sweaters. Better than fashion dresses are our lucky social blouses. Those who for some reason have been forgotten in the second drawer and is now part of the female main hanger.

Better than straightened hair is a ponytail or entirely tousled hairs. Woman should sleep curled up and wake up almost throwing her man out of bed. Women who swear are more attractive. But do not swear at as a being depraved. Women must have modesty to learn how not to have it at the right times. Women do not need to know how to cook. But fit some unsuccessful attempts.

Beautiful women excuse me, but the most prettiest are the smart women. Woman has to be interesting. But never self-interested. Imperfections are always welcome. A few centimeters to over at the waist. Fingers of asymmetric feet. A thin nose too much for your taste. And too little butt by my country standards. Women have to have chest. And breasts too. Woman has to dress up as blockhead man, sometimes. But never forget weeping a silly movie - even if it is assisted for the eighteenth time. Women have to know how to speak "I love you" and "I want to have sex."
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Women like perfumes, jealousy and laughter. But they hate tickling. Tickling leave us vulnerable. Women like touch, voice in the ear and fondness in the earlobe. If a woman likes you, you're beautiful with your most expensive shirt or your most tacky jacket. Women are mothers and daughters, friends and lovers. But never treat her like you were her father. Women enjoy equality.

Women are innocent with those pseudo-friends - in deep, deep down - want to steal your kisses. Do not argue. Or try to teach her the evil that walks through the minds of some boys. Just accept that the woman who accompanies you is consumption dream of many others men out there - never forget that. That's the most important lesson you have to learn.


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