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Attitudes to stop settling for little

Hello girls,
Sadness, discouragement, and frustration are signs that you are settling for little. No dream, just think about the difficulties, give up before trying things are boycotting your happiness. Worse, often we do not realize.
 stop settling for little

Delete the phrase "It's hard for me" from your vocabulary
Who usually responds to invitations to dinner, participate in a project or go to a party and meet new people with the phrase "It's hard for me" tends to settle for less than you deserve in all areas. "This is a way to turn any desire to impossible dream." With ready negative, always at the read yon the tip of the tongue, serves as a shield to protect the new. Try an experiment: ". If  you ban for a week to talk" It is difficult "" or something else. So just tell I want  or I want not and see how many opportunities will open up. "It will be a kind of abstention of addiction period to give an excuse for everything, which will create a direct connection to their truest desires."

Do not ask "What do I need to get what I want?"
If you do, you'll soon discover that it's no use dreaming about this super trip, the business itself or a career change because they lack time, money, company, partner, knowledge ..., I suggest asking a question: "Is it possible?" Without dropping your dreams away, the question also works as an antidote megalomaniac plans. Example? If a secretary 40 years want to be an elite athlete, you see, the question is that this is not feasible, although it can run as an amateur and even participate in marathons. "But if she wants to make an old desire to be a nurse and help people? This, indeed, is possible, provided it is willing to go back to school"

Control the fear of being succeed and be noticed
Believe me, this fear is more common than you think. After all is much more comfortable and safe stay in the little world that we are already and know so well. Okay, be at the top, in the spotlight, it may mean becoming an easier target of criticism and envy. But I am afraid to shine because it can lead to a disastrous state of stagnation, to stop fighting for their fondest dreams. "The fear of risk and accommodation exit leads to the obvious conclusion that something 'not for me'. "It is dangerous to go after what you want." Yes, any realization takes work, requires a willingness to leave the comfort zone and involves dangers. But dare worth it. "Just so you will get the chance to enter  in the world their uniqueness, print your personal and non-transferable brand, is doing what he loves most, is raising a child, is writing a book.

Minimizes complaints and enjoy their achievements
It depends on a commitment to maintaining their self-esteem on time and to get rid of generalizations you may have stuck in your head and that limit personal initiative. "Only complain about an unsatisfactory relationship, for example, and do nothing to get out of it reveals the fear of being alone, coupled with the belief in the maxim that decrees 'bad with him, worse without him' - and that is what sustains the accommodation. It also means you do not believe to be worthy of the good and healthy relationships. To reverse the situation, we must, first of all, stop complaining. Then direct the focus to the achievements made so far, giving due weight to them. "These simple actions reinforce self-esteem and nurture the courage. "Happiness is a state of mind does not depend on external things You will come to her knowing what really matters to you, loving what has already won without comparing with others and forgiving for errors that are part of any route. "

Change your mind: dreams are not realized by magic

And you will not have a happy life after impeccably come true. The desire for everything to be as perfect as we imagine, the ideal husband to the movie house, causes frustration. The idealization blurs the notion of reality and makes us dream of what is unattainable. Result: if we can not have perfection, we can end contenting ourselves only with what we received, although it is not quite what we wanted. Not to fall into the trap, be aware that great achievements are always the result of a lot of planning, commitment, and sweat, in a process that involves a handful of trial and error. So start making detailed and realistic plans to get what they deserve. You can take into account four features:

1. Physical or health and disposition.
2. Emotional, that is determination and courage.
3. Intellectuals, which translate into the ability to learn what it takes.

4. Financial, or money for whatever. If you already have on hand, great. Otherwise, it is always possible to raise the necessary funds.

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