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Facial Rejuvenation - homemade facial rejuvenation

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The search for the young and healthy has existed since ancient times, however, currently, there are different solutions and options for Facial Rejuvenation treatments to have a more youthful appearance and a smooth face. The biggest and main complaints of women and some men looking for a facial rejuvenation treatment, is mainly the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines and sagging, and patients should have common sense, that does not help treat the entire face and let the neck and hands denounce  the age.
Facial Rejuvenation - homemade facial rejuvenation
Facial rejuvenation:
Each Facial Rejuvenation treatment has a purpose, these resolved without delay to the wrinkle problem and sagging, despite being expensive treatments, the methods would produce results in a few days or weeks and leave the face with a naturally youthful appearance, different from what one is won on a surgery table.
Each treatment has an easy goal, it can be a stimulating the production of collagen, which allows the face is restored, treatment of sagging, wrinkles fill or skin renewal.
The techniques may be used in parallel in finding potentiating effects that complement results in a more natural and permanent.
Facial treatments may be suggested by the dermatologist who suggested according to the degree of wrinkles and sagging that the patient wishes to treat and can be a botulinum toxin, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, facial lifting with lights, micro roller, filling with hyaluronic, CO² fractional laser acid, revitacell, volcanic peeling, radio, nd others.

These treatments also require a certain care after the sessions and some even before the sessions, preserving the skin from sunlight and certain products and treatments like waxing, peeling from any source, etc., so that there are irritation and blemishes during the administration of treatments.
One should be careful medical recommendations, especially in treatments that cause flaking, being used for products indicated that the effects of post-treatment are minimized.
Hardly there is no post-treatment recommendation, but in most cases it is best to leave the sun for at least two weeks or a month, only an isolated case it is necessary to avoid even the cold light, to prevent any burns to the face, which is the case with radio frequency.
Some treatments can have three-month intervals between sessions while others the range is up to one year.

Homemade facial rejuvenation:
The homemade options primarily serve to slow the effects of aging that attract wrinkles and facial sagging, as well as the change in facial volume. These home methods have a long-term effect, requiring dedication and time to do, yet are less expensive than clinical treatments, however, do not totally eliminate the need for one day come to need to use a medical treatment.

green mask


3 tablespoons of papaya
1 tablespoon of  honey
1 grated carrot


Grate carrots and mix with the other ingredients to form a paste. Apply this mask over your face and leave act for about 20 minutes. Then remove it with warm water and a cotton swab.

The honey and papaya are great for hydrating the skin and, combined with vitamins carrot, skin is silky, smooth and more beautiful.

For best results, make a homemade scrub on the face using as exfoliating 1 tablespoon sugar.
honey mask

Honey, yogurt and lemon mask 

This powerful mask to rejuvenate is ideal for all skin types and their ingredients make a very powerful mix for special skin care. Honey moisturizes and adds shine, yogurt, with its lactic acid, helps remove dead cells, helping to combat the signs of aging. Lemon is a powerful cleanser, reduces blemishes and scars and also contributes to recover the uniformity of skin tone. Gelatin is rich in collagen, help tighten loose skin, supports skin, hair and nail growth.
lemon mask


3 tablespoons of honey
½ cup of plain  yogurt
5 drops of lemon juice
2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin

Preparation and application
In a bowl mix all ingredients well and then apply to the skin, leaving it to act for 20 minutes. Repeat the process twice a week, that way you will get better results.

If you want to use these ingredients to exfoliate the skin, just to add to the mix two tablespoons of oatmeal and apply on the skin with circular motions.

Homemade mask to rejuvenate and tone the neck skin 

The neck is one of the areas most likely to lose elasticity and firmness. This mask is specific to the neck skin care, as the combination of tones ingredients and keeps the skin hydrated and regenerated.


2 tablespoons of pure honey
2 egg yolks
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Preparation and application
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply to the clean skin of the neck. Perform gentle circular motions and let rest in the skin for five minutes. Remove with cold water.

Avocado mask

The avocado is known for its multiple properties for nutrition and hydration of the skin. This mask helps to tone the skin, moisturizing and making it radiant and healthy. It is not suitable to those who have oily skin, as this fruit has a lot of oils can enhance the production of oil produced by the skin.
avocado mask

½ cup of honey
1 ripe avocado
3 tablespoons of witch hazel lotion
3 tablespoons of saline

Preparation and application
Remove the avocado pulp and mash with a fork, add  witch hazel lotion and saline. Once you have the ingredients in the form of a paste, apply on face and neck leaving to act for 20 minutes. After this time, remove with cold water and repeat the procedure twice a week.

Egg mask to tone the skin
egg mask

The egg has vitamins that help display a more smooth and radiant skin. If you want to maintain a wrinkle-free complexion, this mask will help tone the skin naturally, reducing wrinkles and keeping a younger look.

1 egg white
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin

Preparation and application
Whisk egg whites to form a whipped egg whites. Once you are done, add a tablespoon of warm honey, 2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin and mix well. Dampen your face with warm water and then apply the mask leaving work for 15 minutes. Remove with cold water and repeat the procedure at least twice a week.

Rice mask 
3 tablespoons organic brown rice. (You can find it in specialty food stores, we seek above all is that is organic, that is, free of pesticides or chemicals. Thus, we get all the natural properties of rice).
1/5 tablespoon of distilled water.
2 tablespoons of avocado.
1 1/5 teaspoon of honey.

Put the rice in a blender until become a powder.
What we do now take the rice, and put in a bowl, add the avocado and honey. Using a spoon stir well to create a homogeneous and fine paste. When ready, apply it to your skin.
Leave on the face for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Then, take a cotton and clean your face with rice water. Thus, we exfoliate and treat small spots and impurities.
rice mask

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