Thursday, October 15, 2015

My holidays

Hello girls,
I'm long time off from blogging, and I'm so sorry about that. Today I gonna talk about my holidays.
My holidays were fantastic! I was two months in Sao Tome. I was needing to rest a little bit.
After three years far away from home, it's always good to be home with family and friends. I had a wonderful vacation, I went to many parties, beaches.
This year my holidays were really different I had nice moments that I could enjoy a lot with my family, because my parents were able to take working vacations well in the summer and so we had the opportunity to do many activities together, like going to the beach, so I can say that my holidays were sensational, and sad moment I lost my great-grandmother, that was a sad moment for me and  my family. And I want to share some pictures of my good moments.

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