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9 Truths about women that men need to understand

Hello guys,
The world has changed - and with it, also increased the role of women! Prejudices and submissions have given way to financial independence, cultural and social female. But as the girl power is conquering the world, there are some women truths that men still need to realize.
These truths it comes to breaking stereotypes, models and the female universe taboos. They are facts that every woman would have you know, and those who still do not know, it's time to understand once and for all!

1. Women also like sex as much as you
9 Truths about women that men need to understand

It may seem that they like less because they are already inserted in a society that need to be "modest ladies," but it's actually not the case. Women have much sexual desire as man, only that she have sex with general she is bitch while the guy is fucking womanizer.

2. Also masturbate, yes!

9 Truths about women that men need to understand

Why not? The female masturbation is still a big taboo, despite the need for pleasure (and pleasuring herself) is organic to every human being and every animal. Why the woman would be different?

3. Women also breaks wind
9 Truths about women that men need to understand

Even more than men because the lower part of the colon is higher in the female body, leaving much space for digestion and more gases. And it should not be something so shameful! From childhood, boys learn to find favor in his farts, while girls learn to feel embarrassed.

4. And menstruating should not be an embarrassment

Another taboo of the female universe is menstruation. This is a natural function of the woman's body, and should not be cause for shame.
Take for example the gesture of Kiran Gandhi, the runner who got her period the day before the race and decided to participate without using absorbent, it would be very uncomfortable. Although this is not feasible in our daily lives, this gesture is very symbolic in regards to women's autonomy.

5. They scientifically drive better!

A new survey, conducted in 2015 in the UK, came to this conclusion, since women fared better than men on tests and driving assessments. Women scored 23.6 points to 19.8 points against 30 men.

6. And "hot", "dishy", "sexy but", etc: is not praise
9 Truths about women that men need to understand

In fact, these "Praises" harassment are masked. No woman dresses or gets ready to hear these things on the street. And listen to this kind of thing does not make us feel good, or beautiful, but angry and troubled. Everyone should know that!

7. Not all of us are delicate or "dolls"

Many women do not correspond to this delicate doll model, and there is nothing wrong with that. The stereotype for women is to be a real lady, but this is not a rule.

8. And not all of us dream of being mothers
9 Truths about women that men need to understand

Many of us also do not want to marry and become mothers - and since, unlike the old days, we do not "exist" only for reproduction, there is nothing wrong with that too!

9. When a woman likes another woman, not because she is a "unloved woman"

All men, and even many women need to be aware of that! The sexual orientation of a woman (or any other human being) relates only to her and involves many other deeper aspects - which a "good sex" would not solve!

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