Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How to deal with problems in the relationship

Hello girls,
Who has not had problems in the relationship? But knows  how to deal with problems in the relationship is a skill demanded in any kind of social interaction, dating or marriage, you must control even if at the beginning of the romance. The first thing to understand is that the problems exist whether you like it or not, because this is normal even in the most perfect of relationships.
Of course better to deal with problems is to avoid them. For this there are efficient way out, as usual use of sincerity and have a frequent conversations with the guy, about what you think and is feeling and vice versa. The question, however, is that most men do not always know how to do this, unlike women, who love to start a DTR.

When problems are unavoidable up to you to act with common sense and coherence. Here are some tips to follow so that all ends well and the problems are resolved:

Do not run away
do not run away

The more you take to solve the problem, the more they can increase. So do not give away of the conversation with your boyfriend or husband,  the attitude that should be taken to reach the solution of the obstacle. In addition to small problems are resolved before they become huge snowballs, when facing adverse situations in front of you, increasingly learn to make the best decisions in a relationship.

Do not lie
do not lie

The problems in the relationship may be linked to factors outside of the couple - and the man may find it better to omit, or even lie about something as not to disturb or hurt your girl. However, it is no use, because if she is also involved sooner or later she will be privy of what happened and she will be  "furious" with you for hiding her the truth.


It is also common that men simply do not want to solve the problem, just as occurs when he runs off of the problem, the tendency is for it to grow more and more like a snowball that grows in size and destroying everything. Being with a person is, also, to want the best for the both.


To everything there is a solution. Thus, any problem can be solved, the only thing you can change is the result, according to the chosen solution. Assess in each case which action should be taken to cope the obstacles; otherwise, people can get hurt and your relationship may come to an end.


Do not want to solve the problems alone when they refer to your relationship, they also involve your woman. If you are facing a problem that she did not realize, are doubts about the relationship or any other question, it is best to talk to the woman about it, letting her know about your thoughts and feelings. The worse is to solve alone and that exclude women, which will let her very upset with you.

Keep Calm
keep calm

Although the woman best known for"lost her temper", men may also lose control and take harmful attitudes to life and the relationship, when you are facing a problem it is better to keep calm - so the head remains in place and you can think about a solution.

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