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Save: 5 beauty products that is waste of money

Hello guys, today I gonna talk about  5 beauty products that is totally waste of money. Some can be easily replaced by another item that you already have at home.
Shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner , serum, body lotion, facial lotion etc. Have you ever clean up your house and encountered a slew of products - for a variety of purposes - and wondered if they were even necessary for your beauty?
Or, has had some difficulty in putting all these products in your travel luggage?
Currently, there is a tremendous amount of beauty products in the market. But the truth is that not all are not as needed as well. Or rather, some can be easily replaced by another item that you have at home.

1. Face Cleanser

There is a series of products with many different fragrances, but the truth is that this product can be easily replaced by up to one thing that you always have at home! The sugar! Exfoliate your skin with sugar is as productive as, and the bonus is the economy!
Okay, the face asks, yes, a specific soap. "Ordinary soap can end up to attack the skin of this region, especially during treatments with acids.
The astringent, deep cleansing lotions are not that necessary. But can help in very oily skin.
So if this is not the case - if you have dry or normal skin - can dismiss their facial cleansing lotions without fear! Leaving only the option of a good soap for the face, preferably indicated by your dermatologist.

2. Foot cream
foot cream

Not that it is totally unnecessary. Many people make use of these creams daily, feel little discomfort when they are very dry. The point is that, for the feet, you can use the same product using in your hands. And vice versa!
The thickness, greasiness and skin resistance differ in some regions of the body, and therefore, there are specific creams for each location. "However, some regions have similar features and can be treated, even with the same cream. Hands and feet, for example, allow the use of the same product for these two areas.
But the face and  the hair scalp, are unique regions and require specific care. "Just as the eye region, which has the thinnest skin of the whole body.

3. Cream to the elbows

Worth the same advice given above!
"Elbows and knees have similar features and a thicker skin. So it can be treated with the same product.
"Some products can still be used for elbows, knees, hands and feet, which are considered the most thick skin areas".

4. Cream to the cellulite

It's not that they do not show any result. But the truth is that, only, this type of cream has virtually no effectiveness.

"No cream does miracles! Be wary of products that promise miraculous results in just a few days. In the treatment of cellulite creams are considered auxiliary, or are part of a treatment that involves dietary changes and the person's life habits, physical exercise and sometimes some aesthetic treatments with equipment, such as radio-frequency and laser.

Unless the product has been indicated by a professional you trust and is associated with a broader treatment to combat cellulite, the physical activity and healthy eating, you do not need to spend money or time using such cream.

5. Pre and post depilatory products

Many women have the habit of shaving at home. And most cosmetic stores of every city, there are plenty of products intended exclusively for them! Scrub to the groin, lotion pre depilatory lotion soothing post hair removal and more.

But  these products can be quietly replaced by things we already have at home. "The protection of the skin before applying the wax hair removal can be done with common talcum powder. Removing the wax can be made with almond oil help or even the olive oil.

"After shaving, the skin tends to get irritated and red. To calm it down, after the procedure, you can use cold compresses with chamomile tea.

A good combination of products

The BB creams have done very successfully today by offering multiple functions in a single product. Most of them meets sunscreen, moisturizer and primer or foundation. In this way, are great choice for women who are wanting to save or simply decrease the space reserved at home to save only their beauty products.

"Some BB creams combine very interesting products and may indeed be the best alternative for certain cases. Overall, they have sunscreen with SPF 30, which is enough, and are effective as protectors for day-to-day.

"However, more severe cases of photo-aging, in general, require more specific substances used separately,".

With the above tips you can rethink whether all the beauty products you currently have at home and more those who intend to buy them are needed. Or you can save and take up less space in your home, using some of  products for more than one purpose!
bb cream

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