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Skin cares and tips for black skin

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Sexy, black skin stands out for its natural glow. And although it is more weather resistant by producing more melanin, a natural protection, no black skinned are free of the daily care of the skin. The black skin, besides being more resistant, still has some advantages in aging, such as wrinkles and sagging least due to collagen and tougher muscles.
Black-skinned women were suffering in history and, unfortunately, some of us still suffering from racism. I repudiate this deplorable attitude, some people should recognize the beauty of dark skin, which are very varied  and take care of it to highlight its wonderful nuances.
There is no fundamental difference between white and black  skin, except with respect to melanin, cells responsible for skin color.
Skin cares tips for black skin

Cares black skin

Contrary to what many people think, the black skin needs as much care as the white skin. Although melanin (the substance responsible for the skin color) serve as a natural sunscreen, the risk of skin cancer is imminent, as well as numerous other issues affecting both health body and facial aesthetics health.

In a black skin, the number of melanocytes is the same as in a white skin, but its operation is different. They are more active and produce large grains and darker melanin (this is especially eumelanin) which was subsequently distributed in the keratinocytes throughout the epidermis, thereby forming an effective protection against the sun. The black skins are subject to sunburn and UV-induced cancers.

But on the one hand the black skin have the advantage of providing better protection against the sun, and therefore a delay in the onset of the signs of skin aging, on the other they are more vulnerable to dehydration.

Just look black skin out of the bath or shower to test the importance of hydration: once dry, dark skin becomes flaky and whitish. These are the first signs of skin dryness.
Skin cares tips for black skin

Tips and cares for black skin

Very few cosmetic brand that sell specific product lines of care for black skins. They are skins with certain characteristics and who need specialized cosmetics made thinking of those skin and not in others. Pharmacists have a problem when a black person, or very dark asks what used to moisturize, as around the eyes, or serum, etc. Professionals should adapt what already exists in the market for white skins to meet our demand. But you can find a wide variety of black skin care products in the market, most of them made of shea butter. Black skin care products include soaps, face creams, body lotions and moisturizer.
Skin cares tips for black skin


One of the biggest mistakes the people make is to think that sunscreen is unnecessary to black skin.
Never believe the myth that black skin do not need to wear sunscreen or that any product factor serves!
This skin type can not show the same signs of burning that white skin shows (redness), but also suffering and neglect can result in even skin cancer. Always take care to protect your skin from sunlight by a factor 30 up. Like any oily skin, black skin should be treated at night with moisturizing products based on gel; and in the morning a non-oily sunscreen. Although the black skin is more protected, the incidence of spots is very large, as much as in very light skin.


Excess of oils
On the one hand the intense action of fibroblasts ensures the firmness of the skin, it also causes increased oiliness, giving the appearance of blackheads and acne. If not treated properly, these problems can still result in staining.
My recommendation is to sanitize the face twice a day with anti-grease soap, liquid preference. This prevents the formation of blackheads and pimples.
excess of oil

No to folliculitis
It is common in those with the curly hair, but can be avoided. Folliculitis is an inflammation of the skin which is often confused with acne. To prevent your skin from this little problem, do the weekly exfoliation. Can use to home methods such as honey and  crystallized sugar.
no to folliculitis

More likely to show stains, black-skinned woman has more spots caused by acne, burns or scars. To eliminate these stains the professional dermatologist shall use less aggressive agents radical which does not react with the melanin, can not bring further stains.
Melasma are also common to who has black skin, usually caused by solar radiation, pregnancy or contraceptive use.

Basic cleaning of the skin
Wash your face at least twice a day is essential. The first when you wake up, removing the secretions eliminated overnight. And another before bed to remove any makeup residue you may have. The trick is to use special soap to the skin, which do not leave the skin  oily and irritated.
basic cleaning for black skin

Black skin requires enhanced hydration. "By having the thicker epidermis, it is more resistant to external aggression. On the other hand, this natural protection prevents the skin properly absorb the moisturizing assets. Because of this, it is common that arise points parched by the body and whitish spots. The indication is to use a moisturizer every day, especially in the drier regions. "Excessively long, hot baths are not recommended, as well as the use of anchors and other scrub that can harm the skin and cause even greater dryness. 
Make daily use of an exfoliating cream, for feet, knees and elbows, why is effective in removing dead cells, thus preventing the whitish skin dryness. Choose the products that contain vitamins A, E and F in composition. Vitamin A and E are vital for a healthy and clear skin. Shea butter is best for sun damaged skins and they are also widely used to prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines.

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