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Skin Cares- How to get a Porcelain skin

Hello girls,
If there's one thing that I'm proud and I practice hard and determination is the facial skin cleaning. I am not given to much to makeup, so I do not have much to withdraw at the end of the day. But that's beside the point is no excuse not do it. Clean your face before bed and upon waking is something that should come to our care booklet as well as brush your teeth: no choice.

My cleaning apparatus is very basic. Wash Foam, exfoliating, tonic, rose water, astringent, cotton homemade mask, sunscreen. Then come the creams, of course: for around the eyes + concentrated vitamin C + serum. Here my sparring partners for the clean and perfect skin!

Skin Cares- Porcelain skin

Some tips to get a porcelain skin:

Did you know that consuming red fruits such as blackberry, strawberry, and grape, is great for the skin? They have antioxidant and helps fight free radicals, the villains of aging skin.

Did think about keeping the cream for eye area in the refrigerator? Thus, the product also helps reduce puffiness and dark circles of the region.

1. The essential beauty product for a woman between the ages of 20 to 30 years: is a good moisturizer with sunscreen. "It is the first anti-aging product that all women should invest."

2. From the age of 20, it is good to adopt also a specific moisturizer to the eye. The principle is that: better safe than sorry.

3. To have a healthy and lush skin, you can not even think of sleeping with makeup residue. "The longer they remain on the face, the greater the chances of developing allergic reactions and acne",.

4. Do not leave home without sunscreen - both in summer and winter. The sun damage is serious enough that the cosmetic industry tried to put sun protection factor (SPF) in most beauty products: anti-aging creams, foundation, lipstick, powder and moisturizing.

5. Exfoliate your skin weekly (no longer than that). It is the best way to eliminate dead cells, remove impurities and leave the skin smooth and luminous.

6. If you are coming to the age of 30, bet on creams with vitamin C (fights free radicals) and acids, such as glycolic (revitalizing) or retinoic acid (collagen stimulate).
Skin Cares- Porcelain skin

7. Put down your cigarette, as is proven: the smoker has up to 4.7 times more wrinkles. According to Dermatologist, the habit is one of the biggest thieves of the youth of the skin. "It becomes pale and gray. And it gets even flaccid as it loses collagen, "he explains. "Who smoked since the age of 20 already has a well-aged face at 30."

8. Leave your cream for the eye area in the refrigerator. The cold product contact with the skin helps to deflate the dark circles.

9. The dermatologist of Hollywood, Nicholas Perricone, says salmon and red berries (strawberry, grape, blackberry ...) are essential in the diet of those who want to stay young for a long time. The first is a great source of DMAE (give firmness to the skin). The berries have antioxidant action.
Skin Cares- Porcelain skin

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