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Healthier hair: ideal products to your hair

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For who these cherishes a beautiful and healthier hair knows very well that hydration is the key. Just like our skin, our hair needs water, protein and replacement of nutrients to stay healthy always. There are no limits for hydration, the more the better! But it is important to treat properly and choose the right products for every hair type. Replace the conditioners for treatment masks is also an excellent strategy.
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Hair with chemical

To recover chemically treated hair, moisturizing is very important. But if the mask used has keratin, you must use sparingly as the excess of the substance hardens the hair.

Of course, chemically treated hair and dyed suffer from being weakened. In these cases, it is important to opt for force and revitalizing treatments. Treatments containing D-panthenol, amino acids Arginine, Serine, Proline, cysteine, and Keratin are crucial.
Healthier hair: ideal products to your hair
Healthier hair: ideal products to your hair

Oily hair
Although exacerbated production of sebaceous glands, the nutrients remain disabled and, therefore, the hydration is needed. Most oily hair people have the need to wash the hair every day but know that using the right products can reduce this frequency. Opt for products that do not have high molecular weight or oily charge. Bamboo Shoot is an excellent choice.
oily hair

Healthier hair: ideal products to your hair

Combination hair
Because of the oily root, length, and dry tips, treatment should start with cleaning the scalp. When you moisturize your hair prioritize the lengths and the ends, put a hair cap to the hair for better penetration of nutrients. Opt for products that benefit malleability, revitalization, water retention and hair flexibility. The conditioner has the function to close the hair cuticles and protects it from loss of nutrients, so it's an essential step after any washing. Apply it only on the tips of the ears down, and come with an untangling comb from the bottom to up.
Healthier hair: ideal products to your hair
combination hair

Dry and opaque hair
They need an extra dose of vegetable oils, such as Argan Oil, Coconut, and olive oil. Moreover, it is also important to "feed" the hair with vitamins, soluble proteins and amino acids such as D-PANTHENOL, Protein, and Oligovita.
Healthier hair: ideal products to your hair

Healthier hair: ideal products to your hair

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