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How to give your man best oral sex ever

Hello, glamourettes! How was your New Year?
For a good sex, you need sensitivity, knowledge and communication. It is also necessary a quality time and a dose of energy to keep up. We already know a good foreplay spice up the sex. The woman who understands that masturbation should be part of sex play takes great pleasure in seeing her partner excited, especially knowing that she is making him feel that way.
How to give your man best oral sex ever

Create a climate

Prepare a hot bath. With the foam bath salts, slide your hands all over his body. Start with the feet, follow the external and internal parts of the legs, to the groin. Do not touch the penis right away to let him expectantly. It's the touch that you discover the strengths of your partner.

Make him a massage

Use a gel hot edible, what can be done oral sex on the side of his neck. Then move to the penis (use a little product to not overheat). With your hand, make movements up and down, with your thumb caress the body and the head of the penis. Use your breasts to massage his chest.

Do not use only the hands: Tease him

Put his penis between your breasts, squeezing them into movements down and up (pass your tongue and turbine the sensations). The breast is one of the favorite parts of men, so have high erotic power. Use the same strategy with the sole of the foot. Throw your partner in bed and sit between his legs. With your hands-free, you can touch and stimulate you visually.

Do what he likes

One way that gives great pleasure to the man is to masturbate him with the right hand, making moves back and forth of the foreskin, along with oral sex. To do this, stand next to him or lying on his legs. Do You want to know if is pleasing? Pay close attention in his attitudes.
How to give your man best oral sex ever

 Sex Toys

Did you know there have erotic toys for masturbation your man? How about doing a little surprise using a Tenga Egg Masturbator? This product became a sensation among men to be very practical, discreet and helpful. Use and abuse of your imagination! Masturbate your man using one of these toys and make sure he will have a wonderful orgasm.

Vary your movements

Always observe your partner's reactions know what kind of touch is more pleasurable. The traditional "top-down" is not your only one option. A variation is to hold the base of the penis with one hand and with the other, to make a rotary motion until it reaches the glans. Then, turning down.

Give maximum pleasure

The most sensitive area of the penis is the glans, so take this advantage. Make a ladle with your hand and stimulate the glans with the five fingers, going from the bottom up. Use your thumb especially in the region where is the penis ring (skin in front of the glans).
How to give your man best oral sex ever

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