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More and more people are becoming adept of natural resources to take care of beauty and prevent the effects of the time. One of the most effective products is the clay or mud mask because it has bactericidal action, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for the skin tissue. The sulfurous clay is very rich in nutrients such as iron, silicon, and potassium. This ancient treatment was much used by the people of antiquity, like the Egyptians, who already knew the benefits of clay baths.
The clay masks are also special in cases of eczema and skin fungi, as well as treatment of acne, blackheads, pimples, fat accumulation, oily skin and also is one of the best methods to lighten the skin blemishes. Groin and underarm stains, which are caused usually by waxing, can be eliminated with them.

Benefits of clay mud mask to the skin

The use of clay to the skin, in general, the results tend to be promising. Because of the sandy texture, the clay is able to promote a kind of peeling, because it promotes skin exfoliation that in addition to renewing the cells, absorbs impurities, invigorates the tissues, activates circulation and performs a deep cleansing.
The clay can be used in all types of skin, providing preventing the appearance of wrinkles, aging spots and, besides eliminating blackheads and pimples, leaving a smooth and silky skin. 

Types of Clay and benefits:
Among the benefits of clay to the skin, they are: power to prevent the effects of time, cleanse, exfoliate and remove surface stains. It also helps to calm inflammation and activate surface circulation, improving skin vitality.


It is a clay with good plasticity and a high percentage of iron oxide, and copper, it has high penetration ability is a fine clay.

Its benefits are:

Moisturizer; Prevents skin aging; Reducing the size and weight; Active circulation; It acts as anti-stress.


Suitable for oily and stained skins. Due to this titanium in its composition, combat pimples, blackheads and is an excellent exfoliant. It regulatory capillary seborrhea absorbs the irradiation due to its titanium; is bleaching of spots, combat the pimples, and blackheads, is an excellent exfoliator. It is used to the reduction of the measures, slows the aging.
It is one of the most used clay for medicinal and cosmetic treatments. When mixed with water or the like, has excellent coverage.

Its benefits are:

Natural antioxidant; Slowing skin aging; Effective against acne; Rejuvenating effect of tissue.
brown clay


It is a rare clay because of its purity. Effective against acne and has a rejuvenating effect of the skin tissue. It has a high percentage of silicon, aluminum, titanium, and a low percentage of iron.

Its benefits are:
Active circulation;

Rejuvenates skin and tissues.
gray clay


It is widely used to improve blood circulation and eliminate cellulite and localized fat. It has high silica content and is an excellent clay for cosmetics, as repository of minerals. Suitable for poultice against cancer. It is an excellent natural exfoliator and can be used over all body.
Its benefits are:
Astringent action, Tonic, stimulant, Combat edema, bactericidal, Analgesic, Healing, facial scrub promotes detoxification, hair, and body, stretch marks, cellulite, localized fat, attenuates the spots, acnes, and pimples, and slows the aging. For more information about green clay, benefit read this article green clay powerful substance for the skin.
green clay


The yellow clay is rich in silicon; It has toning action and is recommended for the mature and tired skin.
The high percentage of silicon is indicated for the rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments. It has a high capacity of cations and anions exchange. Combat and slows the skin aging, nourishes with their minerals necessary for a more rigid and healthy tissue without letting it dried.

Its benefits are:
Formation of collagen of the skin due to silicon;

Indicated for rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments; moisturizer; It operates in sagging skin.
yellow clay


It is the lightest of other kinds. Used in facial masks and shampoos for dry hair.
It is suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin. The white clay contains the highest percentage of aluminum and its pH is very close to the skin.

Its benefits are:
Lighten the skin, indicated to treat blemishes,
Absorb skin oils without dehydrating;
Soothing action;
Used in hospitals for treatment of skin cancer, intestine, prostate, leukemia; micro-exfoliator of the skin, body detoxifying agent, can be used over all body, removes skin oils, fighting blackheads and pimples, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, and healing agent.

white clay


Is the mixture of white and red clay. Because it is softer, pink clay is suitable for sensitive skin, delicate, tired and withered. It has disinfectant, healing and soothing action.

Its benefits are:
Returns the natural brightness of the skin;
Increases circulation; anti-acne, anti-seborrhea, absorbs toxins, hydrates the skin
Helps to eliminate cellulite and localized fat;
Tensor effect;

Assists in tissue flaccidity treatments.
pink clay


Material very noble. Rarely found so pure, it is the noblest of all. This material is removed to a depth greater than 4 meters. Due to the high percentage of aluminum, silicon and a low percentage of iron can be used both for cosmetic, such as treatment for diseases. Its titanium content, grouped with high percentages of aluminum and silicon, indicating an excellent material and rejuvenating agent. It has anti-inflammatory, absorbent, anti-tumor and anti-stress. Improves peripheral blood circulation, promoting cell reproduction.

Its benefits are:

It is stimulating, antiseptic, antitoxic, reducing and astringent, and to be very oxygenating and reactive, it is especially effective if added in beauty treatments masks for both the face and to the body of mature skin because combat sagging, expression lines, and wrinkles due to its ability to improve peripheral blood flow, and favoring the cell renewal.

black clay

How to apply the clay mask:

Separate the amount of clay to be used in a container, the proportion of a spoon of clay for a  spoon of water (mineral or filtered) by mixing until it becomes a creamy paste.
Before you apply it, the skin should be cleaned and does not require to exfoliate it, since the clay has this function. By applying on the face should be avoided around the eyes and mouth. Leave the mask acting for 40 minutes or until completely dry. After removing the clay you must apply a moisturizer cream.

Choose the clay according to the effect you expect and make your mask at home. Applying it in the same way, only varying the mixture as taste. To moisten the mask can be used: water, saline or chamomile tea, essential oil, honey, yogurt, the choice is up to you.
how to apply the clay mask
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