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Tips How To Get Multiple orgasms

Hello, girls! How are you doing?
Get an orgasm: for some women, it is simple and easy, for others, it is the greatest difficulty. Often this difficulty is because they do not understand their own bodies and their most sensitive areas, but it also occurs due to lack of sexual satisfaction. There are no rules or specific positions, as they may vary from woman to woman.
Living the pleasure of sexual intercourse completely involves the initial desire for the each other, through the touches and caresses, from sexual play to the maximum pleasure, the orgasm. However, in any sexual intercourse it takes a time  of (about 30 minutes), only a few seconds are dedicated to the orgasm. Why not prolong this ecstasy?
Tips How To Get Multiple orgasms

Do not be shy, ask for more!
In multiple orgasms, a woman can get during contractions of the first climax, she can feel again an uncontrolled pleasure that leads to the other orgasms if the partner does not stop stimulate it. Only to reach the first orgasm and others, the sexual intercourse has to be amazing from the beginning.
Tips How To Get Multiple orgasms

How to get orgasms?

The G-spot

Another way to get the woman to multiple orgasms is playing and gently caress the G-spot. If you do not know where is it? The point G is  more sensitive tissue on the front of the vagina, located about 5.1-7.6 cm up the front vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra. To stimulate the G-spot, the movements should be delicate, with soft touches, making circular motions across the vagina, deep caresses, warm and very engaging.

Tips How To Get Multiple orgasms

With the woman next to you, make a game of seduction so that she also enters in the climate and start to desire you ardently. Bet in the imagination to spice up the moment.
Tips How To Get Multiple orgasms

Use your hands to touch all her body and do not touch her vagina. Oral sex only if it is small licks. And let him caress until you feel the need to be penetrated.
Tips How To Get Multiple orgasms

 In penetration, do not turn off the sensations of your body, move your body looking for what gives you more pleasure.

 To give you more than an orgasm, your partner will probably have to get orgasm a few minutes after you, to continue stimulating you. So, see if he can maintain an erection even when you are already getting the first orgasm.
Tips How To Get Multiple orgasms

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