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Beauty Products: My Wish Of 2016 And Some New Beauty Products

Hello, girls! How are you doing?
Take better care of body and mind, is the resolution of every woman, right ?! Regarding physical beauty, here are some of my wishlist of 2016 that you might love. What woman can resist a stuffed shelf with novelty in the beauty of the universe? Moisturizers, makeup, perfumes, soaps, sunscreens, illuminators, anti-aging creams ... The list is as extensive as seductive! If you are part of the women's team that likes to keep an updated nécessaire? So pay attention to the releases of the month! They have news for all styles, needs and budget.

Moisturizing Lotion Capital Soleil,  Vichy
Moisturizing lotion with SPF 30. This product has rapid absorption and pleasant texture and is water resistant.
 Beauty Products: My Wish Of 2016 And Some New Beauty Products

For a Perfect makeup

BB cream Hydra Sparkling, Givenchy
According to the product description, the BB cream softens the dark spots and redness, reduces the visibility of pores and rebalances the matte finish in bright areas. Has sunscreen SPF30 - PA ++.
BB cream Hydra sparkling

Ultramatte SPF 15, Avon
With matte finish keeps the moisture of the lips for up to four hours. The current versions unite opaque texture moisturizing formula for a homogeneous appearance.
avon lipstick

 Clinique Cheek Pop Nude Blush $21 
To accompany the lightness that the station asks, Clinique presents a collection Summer Trend. Eight blushes in candy colors and translucent effect, as Cheek Blush, and four new options acclaimed lip balm Chubby Stick Intense( $17).
cheek pop nude blush

chubby stick intense

A kit with the massager contains glycolic acid and caffeine, ingredients that stimulate cell renewal and circulation at the application site. The products promise to visually minimize the appearance of cellulite, keeping the skin firm and more youthful appearance.
Mary Kay, timewise body cellulite gel cream

Renew Clinical eye Lift ($28) and Anew Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum($35), Avon
Serum, facial cream and duo cream / gel for eye contour offer a lifting effect for face and neck.
Renew clinical serum

Facial lotion and body lotion The Reparative, La Mer
The line consists of facial lotion and body lotion with sun protection factor 30.
facial and body lotion, la mer

 Almond Velvet Body Serum, L'Occitane en Provence $56
The line consists of serum and anti-aging body cream that soften and nourish the mature skin.
almond velvet body serum


Self-tanning lotion is absorbed quickly to provide a perfectly natural glow with no streaks.

gradual tan, la mer

Fluid with sun protection SPF 50 to help prevent the appearance of future spots.
Designed for daily protection against Potentially damaging light, this powerful, lightweight fluid formula helps to Prevent the appearance of future discolorations while keeping skin comfortable, hydrated and soothed.
the broad spectrum spf 50 uv protecting fluid

Emulsion restorative Power Retinol, Skeyndor
SKEYNDOR launches a new formula with revolutionary technology and the highest concentration of PURE RETINOL allowed to daily use that can reach the deepest layers of the skin without losing their concentration, with startling results and no irritating effect on the skin. Can be used at any season of year always using sunscreen after applying retinol Power.
Power Retinol, skeyndor

Leave-in One United, Redken
The promise is miraculous: 25 benefits in one bottle and it works on all hair types - even for boys. Protection and beauty, with properties such as control frizz, nutrition, clearance, break protection and thermal protection.
leave-in one united

Mineral Blush Duo, Mary Kay
An illuminated skin is the trend of this summer! Thinking about it, Mary Kay brings new Blush Duo: a perfect combination of blush and illuminator that guarantee a bright and natural effect!
mineral duo blush, mary kay

 Perfection Lumiere Velvet SPF 15, Chanel $48
PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET is a second light skin basis. It is natural, softens and balances the skin for a result of matte velvety makeup.
The light texture of perfection LUMIÈRE VELVET makes it perfect for normal skin and combination to oily skin. Transform in a matte finishes in natural powder that disappears into the skin.
chanel makeup


The surprise: a texture eats evanescent a free flowing powder that offers perfect result to the skin. To achieve the second skin unmarked exceptionally unified and smooth.
chanel makeup

Blush (Dual Intensity) Steven Klein, NARS
nars makeup

Moisturizer treatment Pure Argan Milk, Josie Maran
Is a hydrant serum treatment 100% natural and free of emulsifiers! 
moisturizer treatment pure argan milk

I Hope you like it!
Have a nice day!
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  1. Thanks for sharing! I haven't personally tried any of these, but I always like having a recommendation.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. The Mary Kay TIMEWISE BODY CELLULITE GEL CREAM sounds very interesting! Haven't heard about it before, so thanks for the idea ;-)
    Xo, nasti

    1. You're welcome, I also heard about it one month ago.


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