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Skin Cares: Essential Products To Use Day And Night!!!

Hello, girls! How are you doing? It is not easy to get a beautiful skin, right? It takes a lot of cares and products!
Your skin spends day protecting themselves from free radicals and UV rays. At night, it is as tired as you, and it still run-off while you sleep. Adopt an ideal care for both times of the day.
Apply the product in that order. Wait for each layer to dry before you go to the next step. Apply the in light circular motion from the bottom to up.

In the daytime

Once you wake up, follow these cares: they will treat your skin within 12 hours. Use products with SPF and antioxidants.

Cleanser and foam
facial cleanser

garnier face wash

mary kay facial wash
neutrogena face wash

The first step is to remove what you applied the night. Bet on facial foam and exfoliants, that promises to remove 99% of skin impurities.

Nivea toner



The astringent version of the product controls oil, increases the cleaning process and acts as reducing pores.

Moisturizer cream or gel
cetaphil cream

hydrant cream

It must be one of its priorities. Bet in one that has SPF  and rapid absorption is ideal to give vigor to the skin and to protect it.

Gel or cream for the eyes
mary kay eyes cream

garnier eyes cream

garnier eyes cream

Hours lying causes fluids that concentrate below the eyes.

Vitamin C
vitamin c serum

Must be applied after the moisturizer. It has antioxidant action and rejuvenates the skin. Good choice: concentrate serum or gel cream.


nivea sun

l'oreal sunscreen

Do not leave home without it! The sunscreen defends the skin from UV rays and comes with the antioxidant in the formula (prevents the free radicals).

BB Cream
bb cream maybelline

bb cream clinique

bb cream garnier

In the middle of the day, most products have lost they effects. Reinforce the hydration and UV protection with a BB cream.

Thermal water
vichy thermal water

avene therml water

In the late afternoon, spray some thermal water in the face. It keeps the skin hydrated and combats the appearance of fatigue. The thermal water can be applied to the makeup.

Night time
In the morning, your face is exposed to sun, cold, pollution. At night, free of external factors, the cells repair the skin and absorb more nutrients.

Makeup Remover and Cleansing

makeup remover
eyes makeup remover

Sleeping with makeup is like taking a bath dressed: the dirt does not come out! Once you get home, use the makeup remover on the face and eyes.

Exfoliants and Scrub
garnier scrub

neutrogena scrub

pond's scrub

pond's scrub

clinique scrub

Use a facial exfoliating to complete the cleaning. The gentle exfoliating particles stimulate the cell renewal without attacking.

Firming Mask
la mer firming mask

firming mask

skeyndor firming mak

It helps to soften the expression lines in a few minutes and to prevent sagging in the long run. Bet on the one that contains is the formula aloe vera, vitamin E, retinol, and hyaluronic acid, which soothes the skin from the stresses of every day and has anti-aging action.

Moisturizer Tonic
garnier toner

The three steps (cleanse, tone and moisturize) must be respected at night too. Facial toner cleans the pores and offers brightness and nutrition to the skin.

Eye cream

olay eyes cream

olay eyes cream

Comes before any other product.  It defines how far the next shall be applied creams.

olay serum

Choose a product with a light texture. It promises deep repair while reducing day signs of fatigue and tiring workday.


clinique youth surge night

Skin Cares: Essential Products To Use Day And Night!!!

Preferably apply it when you are lying in the bed, so the light does not interfere with the formula. 

Whitening Cream
To get a more radiant, uniform and luminous skin uses a whitening cream. It moisturizes and corrects an excess of dark pigments.
whitening cream, olay

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