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The mistakes that men make in the bed that we women want you to know

Hello, girls! How are you doing?
Let's talk openly. The truth is that women like sexual relation almost as much or even more than men. But, of course, where the partner do well done and we can take full advantage of the moment.
But, unfortunately, this is not something that happens frequently in relation to the male gender, because, although many men consider themselves good in the bed, but the last word is always of women and most of us usually disagree.

Currently, it is easier to talk openly about this subject with our partner or with our friends, and it is also normal to see many men brag of your performance and how much is "expert" on the subject. However, in many cases, the women leave the relationship dissatisfied and men to end up not learning that, after all, most women tends to be discreet and kind of "kind" so that the men don't feel bad.
sexual relation

Communication plays a very important role in time to reveal the tastes, fantasies and desires. However, at this point, the couple often fails due a series of taboos, cultural models and errors, which generally makes believe that it is very good at what he does when in reality the partner is not satisfied and do not enjoy the real pleasure.

For the men who believe they are all "good" and which are the best in bed, I have prepared a short list of the most common mistakes that can make at the time of the Act. Check out!

  •  Lack of sexual conquest:  Let naturally excited woman, not only with sex, has to do with the guy's content."
couple relation

  • There's a time for jokes and this isn't it: As talk about her "flab and cellulite": "It's like she says that your penis could be bigger."

  • Oral sex with the taut language. Relax. Let another part of your body stay tensed.

  •  Thread the tongue in the ear as if your life depended on it. This is disgusting!

  • Share the motel bill. If the girl wants to share it, no problem, but you will hear complaints.

  • Obsession with the woman orgasm: the impression is that the female orgasm exists to satisfy the male ego.

  • Man, that is very flustered: he doesn't want to waste time, he just wants to reach and penetrate, like she does not have feelings or she is a sex machine. He will penetrate and is over. We have feelings.
man and woman

  • Insecurity man: is it good? Do you like? And so? And like that? Am I doing it well? Is very annoying. Show you know what you're doing. Stop to talk and act like the real man!

  • Worrying about only with performance: Forget that around the genitals is a person. Focuses only in the holes. We, woman, do not have only the holes, we have other body parts that you can touch, and we like to feel loved!

  • Keep asking what the woman thinks about your penis, like your life and your confidence depends on it.
couple relation

  • The slouch with the underwear: the man has a fetish for panties, the woman also wants you to wear clean underwear.

  • Hygiene. The woman wants a smelly penis. This is the basic.

  • Insist not to use condoms, even with the talk of trust and that's no problem. Girls, please do not believe this. Use condoms always.

  • Fuck, look at the clock and walk away. This is really bad, I do not what about you girls, but this makes me feel like a sex machine or prostitute. We, women, like a little attention after sex, and we are here only for your sexual satisfaction.

  • Overdo in the "little slap does not hurt": do you guys think it's imitation of a pornography movie? You have to take it easy, okay?

  • Insist to the girls does oral sex, even when she doesn't want or doesn't like it.
couple relation

  • Exaggerating the rhythm of masturbation: "The clitoris is delicate." If we do the same with your penis, will you like that? Is what thought!

  • Think that your part just as soon as you ejaculate. You are wrong! When we get an orgasm first, we still make our job until you get the orgasm. Why you can not do the same for us!

  • Do not kiss: Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper and passionate kiss is a convenient way to final preliminary. Above all these mistakes treat your woman very well.
The mistakes that men make in the bed that we women want you to know

I hope you like it! 
Have a nice weekend!
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