Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello, ladies! How are you doing?
More and more people are becoming adepts of some resources to take care of the beauty and prevent the effects of time, and the  universe of cosmetics industry reinvents itself every year and constantly brings new ingredients promising to maintain the health and beauty of our skin. Today I'm bringing to you a list of some beauty components that has a good benefit to the skin.
beauty products

Honey benefits are for its antibacterial and healing properties. No wonder that honey has become one of the ingredients present in the beauty products. Used in facial and hair masks, moisturizers, lipsticks and cleaning products, honey combats dryness and enlivens the skin.

I think everyone already heard the nutritionists talking about the benefits of probiotics include in the diet. But they are also powerful allies of the beauty. The yogurt masks are highly moisturizing and still prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing inflammation of acne.

Algae can bring many benefits to your skin, thanks to its detoxifying power. They act not only as a binding agent for other ingredients in the formulation of beauty products but also as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Hyaluronic acid
This moisturizing ingredient has proven to be very effective in moisture retention and skin tone. In addition to the anti-age creams and techniques botox, hyaluronic acid may also be an option in the search for treatments for wrinkles. The substance also promises to intensify the skin hydration and enhance the lips.
hyaluronic acid product

This root provides significant benefits when it comes to talking about beauty. When associated with other cosmetic ingredients, it can prevent hyperpigmentation. Licorice is also used in products to combat rosacea, as its properties help fight inflammation, reducing the skin redness.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello, girls! How are you doing? How was your weekend?
The Paris fashion week has passed, but today I'm gonna to bring an article about something that caught my attention.
Accustomed to innovate both in fashion and in the scene of parades, Chanel built a large wooden structure to present his haute couture collection at the Grand Palais in Paris. Outside, the natural grass and blue sky fake created a Zen garden atmosphere and gave a clue to the inspiration of German designer Karl Lagerfeld: a celebration of nature, with a super chic eco-friendly approach. "I think it's the first collection of haute couture made with an ecological approach. It's fun to do that after being so high-tech," he told WWD fashion website.
haute couture chanel



Karl Lagerfeld Eco-Friendly

Karl Lagerfeld Eco-Friendly

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello, girls! How are you doing?
The feet are very exploited daily but are always forgotten during beauty routine. So, here is a challenge for you: try at least once in the week the following tips below and give a rest to their beautiful feet. It will thank you!
foot cares products


Soft skin is conquered with exfoliation. If with creams, the ideal is to use while showering, the maximum four times a week. Now, if you prefer the sandpaper foot file, carefully. Use it once every 15 days sanding too much can cause cracks, OK?
In summer, the skin of the feet tends to be thicker because of the frequent use of open shoes and more contact with the sun. Then remove dead cells on the day it is essential for hydration and re-work the beauty. Mix a little brown sugar with olive oil and rub the feet in a circular motion. Do not forget to work in the most parched areas.
foot cares

foot products

To keep pretty feet must apply a hydrating cream  daily with a high moisturizing power, and perform at least once a month a deeper hydration. Once a week, you can use a cream that contains  silicone, urea, vitamin E, shea butter in the formula promote a deep hydration while oils  as grape seed  form a kind of protective cap. You can cover the feet with appropriate socks or  apply plastic wrap and leave for 20 minutes to enhance the absorption of the product or leave it overnight. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello, girls! How are you doing? Sorry for being off for so long.

Fashion is always connected with what is most current in the world, but lately, it's easy to see that some trends have the power to come and go frequently. Other even leave the showcases and mannequins.

Thrift shops also became popular precisely because selling parts that have become timeless. Items that can be used by women of any age. And the best can be stored for decades and continues today.

When we returned to using a visually determined is as if we sought in history a ransom, but it is something that always comes with more innovation.

The fact is that there are trends that never go out of fashion. Below you can see a list of the main and gives what is worth investing in the next time you go to the shopping.

These are the trends that came to stay. That is, they are no longer trends are established in the fashion world as a reference at the time of wear. You may not like them of all, but there is certainly one that will be perfect for you.


This is one of those easy styles to produce, which are pieces of famous designers both in shops and on the most popular shops in your city. The navy's main references are striped, printed or mentions the anchors and tethers and even the colors white, red and navy blue. It is a trend that can be at the same time fancy or unpretentious.


The sailor outfit emerged in the 1920s at the hands of Coco Chanel and appears often in shop windows around the world. The navy outfit comes down to the feet, with the wedge shoes, referring to the marine environment almost instantaneously. It is also easy to find striped bags of blue and white or remember the costumes of sailors.


Black and White

No use, the two colors are versatile in the closet of anyone. They combine with each other and are well in all body types. You can use this mixed trend or opt for a full white outfit or completely black. With these tones, work well to create different styles.
black and white

black and whitewhite and black

black and white

You can be romantic, sexy, classic or modern, and make sure that the P & amp; B is a trend can easily become part of your clothing. If you want to use it all at once and still add a little color, just use a printed piece in black and white and opt for another color. The result is a timeless look.

Some Fashion Trends That Are Timeless In The Fashion

Some Fashion Trends That Are Timeless In The Fashion


One word defines the jeans: indispensable. This is how the jeans appear to most people. Easy to find in any wardrobe, the jeans was created in 1872 in France, Nimes region. Over time, the tissue eventually called denim. The jeans name arose because Italy imported the product to make the uniforms of sailors from the port of Genoa.

But the material, as we know it today, came at the hands of Levi Strauss, owner of Levi's in 1853. The jeans were used this time mainly by prospectors from the United States.

To date, the jeans are one of the best friends of those who work. Practical and comfortable, the material goes well almost always, with some exceptions. "Jeans are always informal and should be avoided in work environments that ask for social clothing in more formal dress code, at weddings, graduations,".

The fabric is timeless, but if you want to update the outfit simply combine jeans with jeans. To the mix and hit the choice you have to use different tones. "You can choose, different colors or prints when you do not want a visual set. For example, a pair of light jeans with polka dots + dark denim shirt ".
boyfriend jeans

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

 Hello, girls!!! 
Time passes and this is reflected in the skin of his face? As our age progresses, it is normal that the skin goes losing its firmness and natural elasticity, giving rise to the appearance of some wrinkles and expression lines. For this reason and if we want to maintain a youthful and radiant skin is essential to pay more attention to the care of our skin with better products and cosmetics. An effective and economical way to get it is enjoying the benefits of certain natural products that can be useful to reduce wrinkles on the face, look at the options in this article on how to make a homemade wrinkle cream. The conventional anti wrinkle creams contain chemical ingredients that are unhealthy and the long term, may cause damage to our skin. The natural creams, on the other hand, are much more beneficial, but usually have a rather high price.

The anti-wrinkle cream based on aloe vera and cucumber can be your best option to reduce wrinkles and moisturize the face. The aloe vera, unlike other ingredients, penetrates into deeper layers of the skin against free radicals acting in charge of causing aging and, in addition, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

100 g of aloe vera pulp or gel
100 g of cucumber
Distilled water 50 ml
1 tablespoon of liquid glycerine
2 capsules of vitamin E

To prepare this homemade anti-wrinkle cream, you just have to grind the aloe vera pulp with the cucumber and add to the mixture distilled water, vitamin E, liquid glycerine to create a uniform cream. Apply on the clean skin well before bedtime and let work overnight.
homemade facial mask

Argan oil cream
The Argan oil is one of the best natural products to regenerate the skin and treat wrinkles thanks to its high content of vitamin E. For this reason, an anti-wrinkle cream with Argan oil is another excellent alternative.

10 drops of argan oil
1 tsp of honey
2 tablespoon of natural yogurt
1 tablespoon of liquid glycerine

To make this homemade anti-aging cream, mix the argan oil with the honey, liquid glycerine, and natural yogurt. Mix all ingredients until a homogeneous cream and apply in areas where wrinkles are more visible.
facial mask

Grapes mask

Did you know that the grape is a magnificent natural remedy for wrinkles? To contain polyphenol, a substance that protects the collagen and elastin of the skin, it is ideal to give firmness and elasticity to the skin. And to enhance the most of their effects against aging, we will mix with vitamin E that helps heal the skin and reduce wrinkles and expression lines.

100 g of seedless grape
2 capsules of vitamin E
4 tablespoons of witch hazel water

In preparing this homemade cream anti-wrinkle, we need green seedless grapes, witch hazel and capsules of vitamin E. Simply mix the contents of the capsules of vitamin E with the well-crushed grapes to obtain a consistent cream.
facial mask

Olive oil and cocoa butter mask

Monday, March 07, 2016

Hello, girls!!! How was your weekend? Mine was very bored!!!!!

Who loves accessories like me? I do not know how about you girls but I love accessories, is the first I see when I enter is a store, and when I see I just want to buy all of them!!!

In addition to the basic pieces of clothing that is very versatile in the productions of the day or night, every woman must also have in the wardrobe classic accessories that never go out of fashion and can be used regardless of the season or the season trends.

Besides reusable, accessories are considered very important and need to be versatile, that is, combine with diverse outfits. So without further ado, I want to present you a short list with some  essential accessories that I think every woman should have to turn a basic outfit into an enviable and glamorous production.
 Essential accessories that every woman must have

See a list of items that are real versatile in the female wardrobe.

High heels

A pair of shoes or high-heeled sandals must always have a place in the wardrobe of any woman because it is always a good option to make anyone look fabulous. You can combine with a party dress with jeans, with skirts and short dresses.
high heels

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hello, girls! How are you doing?
These cakes were  made especially to kill me and my sisters desire to eat it and feel the flavors of our childhood. And the chocolate cake and coconut tarts, of course, translates very well this season as magical of our lives !! Who ever asked Mom to bake a cake with a lot of chocolate? At home it was so, my sisters and I loved to eat coconut cake, and it was not necessary to be a special time to ask our mother to make it, a rainy afternoon was enough reason !! But when we got older all Sunday is a special cake day, I make coconut pie and my sister make chocolate cakes, that was a good time of our teenager.

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling 

250g of flour
180g of Sugar
100 g of chocolate powder
70 g of butter
5 Eggs
2 cans of condensed milk
2 dl of milk
1 teaspoon of baking powder
Chocolate  sprinkles
 Butter for greasing
 Flour for dusting
Chocolate Cake

In a bowl, beat the egg whites until firm consistency, add the egg yolks, then the sugar beating constantly. Add milk, beat well, add the flour with baking powder and half the chocolate powder and beat.
Pour the previous mixture in a round bake pan greased with butter and dusted with flour and bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C for 45 minutes or until thoroughly cooked. Remove cake from the oven, let it cool, unmold it and cut it in half to get two slices.
Bring to the boil a pot add condensed milk, the remaining chocolate powder, and butter, mix and cook over low heat and stirring constantly, for 10 minutes or until getting a cream consistency. Spread half of the bottom slice of the cake, replace the top and spread all over the cake with the rest of the cream. Serve sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles and decorated to taste.

Coconut and yogurt Tart

1 roll of shortcrust pastry
250 g of grated coconut
3 eggs
1 can of condensed milk
1 cup of yogurt (coconut flavor)
1 sachet of vanilla flavor sugar
Coconut Tarts

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The stevia, scientific name Stevia Rebaudiana is a small evergreen shrub native from South America, belonging to the family of chrysanthemums. Known and used by indigenous people for centuries, it is a medicinal plant with a huge sweetener capacity because its leaves have a substance three hundred times sweeter than sucrose. Check out the following properties and benefits provided by this powerful natural sweetener.

The properties and benefits of stevia

  • Powerful natural sweetener is considered the most powerful sugar in the world;
  • Contains few calories;
  • Hinders the absorption of sugar during the digestion process, being very beneficial for diabetics and for people who wish to lose weight;
  • Inhibits plaque formation and dental caries;
  • It is not toxic;
  • It contains no artificial ingredients;
  • It can be used for cooking;
  • The liquid of stevia leaves can be used in the skin, hair and bruises. Accelerates healing, lessens scarring, relieves acne and rejuvenates the skin.
  • In addition to its sweetening capacity, Stevia also has many medicinal properties. The tea prepared from the leaves is indicated for cases of diabetes, hyperactivity, hypertension, indigestion, candidiasis and obesity. Moreover, it is a great tonic for healthy skin and reduces the need for tobacco, alcohol and carbohydrates.

skin cares

How to use stevia for the skin care

Imagine having a wrinkle-free skin and expression lines without undergoing any  radical cosmetic procedure. Did you like the idea? All this is possible from the use of Stevia Rebaudiana, a plant with several benefits.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The awards season in Los Angeles reached its high point on Sunday (28), with the 88th edition of the Academy Awards, the "Oscars"! Presented directly from the Dolby Theater, the ceremony and distributed their statuettes and bucked some expectations. With pedophilia in the Catholic Church as a motto, "Spotlight" took the top award of the night (Best Film) and also won the category of "Best Adapted Screenplay".

The absolute leader in the list of nominees, "The Revenant" won three of 12 statuettes which were running. They were: "Best Cinematography", "Best Director" for Alejandro G. Inarritu (who had already won the same category last year for Birdman) and "Best Actor" for Leonardo Dicaprio, finally he got it.

The most anticipated award of cinema is also one of the major events for those who are passionate about fashion. Daring or classic, the 88th academy awards, the Hollywood celebrities are at the center of the spotlight. See the celebrities outfits on the red carpet.

The actress Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the red carpet with a transparent Dior dress from head to toe. The top in nude color pleased the fans on social networks.
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress Naomi Watts came up with  Armani strapless dress, full of glitter in blue and pink
Naomi Watts

naomi watts

With an amazing outfit, Jared Leto was no different on the red carpet this year by opting for a black suit with red lines and a striking flower in the collar.
jared leto

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