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Essential accessories that every woman must have

Hello, girls!!! How was your weekend? Mine was very bored!!!!!

Who loves accessories like me? I do not know how about you girls but I love accessories, is the first I see when I enter is a store, and when I see I just want to buy all of them!!!

In addition to the basic pieces of clothing that is very versatile in the productions of the day or night, every woman must also have in the wardrobe classic accessories that never go out of fashion and can be used regardless of the season or the season trends.

Besides reusable, accessories are considered very important and need to be versatile, that is, combine with diverse outfits. So without further ado, I want to present you a short list with some  essential accessories that I think every woman should have to turn a basic outfit into an enviable and glamorous production.
 Essential accessories that every woman must have

See a list of items that are real versatile in the female wardrobe.

High heels

A pair of shoes or high-heeled sandals must always have a place in the wardrobe of any woman because it is always a good option to make anyone look fabulous. You can combine with a party dress with jeans, with skirts and short dresses.
high heels

high heels

high heels

Scarves and stoles

Handkerchiefs, stoles, and scarves, especially colored, can give new life to jeans and white shirt combination, for example. Besides tied around the neck, they can be used as a belt, as a tiara in the hair, the handle of the bag. Have some in your closet can help a lot to create different outfits with the pieces that you are accustomed to using in the day-to-day.

Maxi Necklace

The maxi necklace is very fashionable, it can be quite voluptuous, may just have a big stone, you can have endless chains and trinkets. This accessory combines beautifully with a black dress or a white shirt and print and almost everything you can imagine.

jessica alba

maxi necklace


The sunglasses serve to protect from sunlight, but also work for those days you do not want to see anyone or hide the signs of a sleepless night. Invest in models and frames that enhance  the shape of your face.


Angelina jolie

Essential accessories that every woman must have

eva longoria

Essential accessories that every woman must have


Maxi bag

Yes, my favorite, loved among women who love to carry many, many things. The fashion maxi bag seems it comes to stay, although the mini bags are everything. Among the advantages of having one of these in the closet is that it can take literally everything from makeup bag, clothes, a spare pair of shoe and even the notebook. And the best: besides very useful, maxi bag leaves the outfit always elegant.



Forget the only traditional tights in beige tones, those who are confused with the skin. Of course, it is the most basic and really can not miss, but every woman needs options of tights in the wardrobe. Some thicker, to warm the legs in winter and more thinly, with prints and details to let the authentic and entertaining outfit.
Essential accessories that every woman must have

Earrings and hoop earrings

They can be silver or gold, no matter. The fact is that hoop earrings go well with almost everything, combine with any hairstyle and face shape. And best of all is that they can be found in various sizes.


A thin belt and other thicker is enough. The outfits are even more feminine when they win extra charm with the waist marked by a thin and full style belt, with a wide belt breaking the simplicity of the clothing. Invest in a more basic color of belts that match with your way of dressing.

Flat shoes

They are comfortable and also full of style, it combines with almost everything and with a number of occasions. A simple flat can give a special touch, add a color point in the outfit and make you beautiful and comfortable!

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