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Medicinal properties of Stevia: How to use stevia for the skin care!!!

The stevia, scientific name Stevia Rebaudiana is a small evergreen shrub native from South America, belonging to the family of chrysanthemums. Known and used by indigenous people for centuries, it is a medicinal plant with a huge sweetener capacity because its leaves have a substance three hundred times sweeter than sucrose. Check out the following properties and benefits provided by this powerful natural sweetener.

The properties and benefits of stevia

  • Powerful natural sweetener is considered the most powerful sugar in the world;
  • Contains few calories;
  • Hinders the absorption of sugar during the digestion process, being very beneficial for diabetics and for people who wish to lose weight;
  • Inhibits plaque formation and dental caries;
  • It is not toxic;
  • It contains no artificial ingredients;
  • It can be used for cooking;
  • The liquid of stevia leaves can be used in the skin, hair and bruises. Accelerates healing, lessens scarring, relieves acne and rejuvenates the skin.
  • In addition to its sweetening capacity, Stevia also has many medicinal properties. The tea prepared from the leaves is indicated for cases of diabetes, hyperactivity, hypertension, indigestion, candidiasis and obesity. Moreover, it is a great tonic for healthy skin and reduces the need for tobacco, alcohol and carbohydrates.

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How to use stevia for the skin care

Imagine having a wrinkle-free skin and expression lines without undergoing any  radical cosmetic procedure. Did you like the idea? All this is possible from the use of Stevia Rebaudiana, a plant with several benefits.

With a similar taste to the sugar, the plant has been widely used over the last few years as a natural alternative to sweeten foods and beverages. Stevia is rich in acetylcholinesterase, a powerful enzyme.

It is able to degrade acetylcholine, a chemical mediator of muscle contraction. In other words, it performs the stoppage of muscle, which results in an effect similar to botulinum toxin, the famous Botox.

This substance, present in Stevia, when it is manipulated in cream form, can be used around the eyes, and especially in the forehead region, resulting in an effective reduction of muscle relaxation with longitudinal wrinkles.
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No doubt the use of Botox is more durable and efficient, however, this may be a good therapeutic alternative for people who do not have deep facial wrinkles expression.

Once reconciled in the intervals between the use of Botox, its effect may be extended and more effectively maintaining longer smooth skin and without wrinkles.

Apply stevia cold tea on the skin with spots, decreases the spots and improves their appearance. Even if you suffer from dermatitis or eczema the stevia components act favorably improving the health of your skin.

On the other hand, the properties of stevia are known to enhance healing as a complement to the corresponding medical treatment.

To take advantage of the properties of stevia on the skin, you can prepare homemade masks or a simple infusion of its leaves. If you want to prepare the homemade mask, mix 100 grams of white mineral clay with a half cup of stevia tea. Apply this mask every day for 10 minutes once you wake up for a week.

Remember that the stevia is natural, and is always recommended to consult your doctor before the application.
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