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Some beauty ingredients that you need to know

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More and more people are becoming adepts of some resources to take care of the beauty and prevent the effects of time, and the  universe of cosmetics industry reinvents itself every year and constantly brings new ingredients promising to maintain the health and beauty of our skin. Today I'm bringing to you a list of some beauty components that has a good benefit to the skin.
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Honey benefits are for its antibacterial and healing properties. No wonder that honey has become one of the ingredients present in the beauty products. Used in facial and hair masks, moisturizers, lipsticks and cleaning products, honey combats dryness and enlivens the skin.

I think everyone already heard the nutritionists talking about the benefits of probiotics include in the diet. But they are also powerful allies of the beauty. The yogurt masks are highly moisturizing and still prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing inflammation of acne.

Algae can bring many benefits to your skin, thanks to its detoxifying power. They act not only as a binding agent for other ingredients in the formulation of beauty products but also as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Hyaluronic acid
This moisturizing ingredient has proven to be very effective in moisture retention and skin tone. In addition to the anti-age creams and techniques botox, hyaluronic acid may also be an option in the search for treatments for wrinkles. The substance also promises to intensify the skin hydration and enhance the lips.
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This root provides significant benefits when it comes to talking about beauty. When associated with other cosmetic ingredients, it can prevent hyperpigmentation. Licorice is also used in products to combat rosacea, as its properties help fight inflammation, reducing the skin redness.

Very present in products for the treatment of hair, ceramides are a kind of fat found naturally in our skin. They act as a protector against dryness and other negative factors. When found in products for the skin, ceramides help maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, particularly in people with irritated skin, dry or damaged. Keep an eye on the labels. The ceramides may appear on the package as "phytosphingosine" or "sphingosine".

Zeaxanthin is the substance responsible for the color of fish, birds, flowers and food. As an ingredient in beauty products, it stands out for its antioxidant action in the fight against aging skin. It also helps to maintain the skin hydration.

Sodium L-PCA
Sodium L-PCA is a natural moisturizing for the skin. So bet on cosmetic products with this ingredient to maintain the brightness of the skin, especially during the winter season.

Due to the sandy texture, the clay is able to promote a kind of peeling, because it promotes skin exfoliation that in addition to renewing the cells, absorbs impurities, invigorates the tissues, activates circulation and performs a deep cleaning.
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