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Some foot cares rituals to let your feet renewed!

Hello, girls! How are you doing?
The feet are very exploited daily but are always forgotten during beauty routine. So, here is a challenge for you: try at least once in the week the following tips below and give a rest to their beautiful feet. It will thank you!
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Soft skin is conquered with exfoliation. If with creams, the ideal is to use while showering, the maximum four times a week. Now, if you prefer the sandpaper foot file, carefully. Use it once every 15 days sanding too much can cause cracks, OK?
In summer, the skin of the feet tends to be thicker because of the frequent use of open shoes and more contact with the sun. Then remove dead cells on the day it is essential for hydration and re-work the beauty. Mix a little brown sugar with olive oil and rub the feet in a circular motion. Do not forget to work in the most parched areas.
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To keep pretty feet must apply a hydrating cream  daily with a high moisturizing power, and perform at least once a month a deeper hydration. Once a week, you can use a cream that contains  silicone, urea, vitamin E, shea butter in the formula promote a deep hydration while oils  as grape seed  form a kind of protective cap. You can cover the feet with appropriate socks or  apply plastic wrap and leave for 20 minutes to enhance the absorption of the product or leave it overnight. 

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In a bowl with warm water, put a large glass of salt, mint leaves and various stones (or marbles). Keep moving your feet so that they are tickled by the stones. Dry with a fluffy towel to stimulate sensory. Another idea to activate the movement: "Support your feet on a roll or crinkly ball and move it forward and backward.

Relaxing Massage
foot massage

s there anything more relaxing than a good foot massage? Well, take a bath to moisturize and take good care of the region, who daily suffer the effects of spending hours of standing, high heels and long walks.
With a cream or oil, you can make a delicious massage. Take each finger and make a move as if screwing a lid and give pats on the heels. Delicious!

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Apply a moisturizer that contains camphor or menthol  both active with cooling properties and rub vigorously. After the massage or bath, let your legs suspended with the help of a pillow or throw them against the wall for 15 minutes.
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