Friday, April 22, 2016

Advantages and reasons of practicing sex without compromise

Hello, girls! I hope you guys are going well! Did you already think about having a casual sex? Today I'm bringing some advantage of having casual sex.
The proposal of casual sex or sex without compromise only for pleasure with no commitment is becoming increasingly common. These days it is not uncommon for people to prioritize professional career, leaving aside the relationships, without giving up in the sex life. For these people, casual sex ends up being one of the options. There are some websites or apps that are specialized for casual encounters, such as C-date wich recorded close to 26,000 new registrations dailyAll these people are looking for casual sex, a moment of pleasure without charge, without emotional commitment. There are several reasons why some people prefer casual sex than a relationship.

See some reasons:

 Innovation: People in casual sex are more willing to new things, the characteristic of the casual sex that is come off and meet again.

No frustration: if things are not well in the nick of time, lack of expectation in wanting to please to impress, make the things easier in this regard. You do not create expectations.
casual sex

Only for pleasure: no one will be nagging no one, the person does it just for the treat. Pleasure for pleasure.

It's good for the body: having sex active the blood circulation, it helps the body feel relaxed after sex. Sex is a great physical activity, but there is nothing that shows how many calories are dispensed during practice. What we know is that the same amount of oxygen that is needed in the brain at the moment of orgasm is the same amount used in the brain to climb two flights of stairs or walk for 30 minutes.

No shyness: by not having to please anyone, the person ends up feeling looser and just enjoy the moment. As this may be the only time, dedication is great and intense.
casual sex

Improve your mood: sexual practice is released the hormone dopamine in the brain that triggers the pleasure zone and brings a sense of well-being for the human body. You can clearly see the relationship between sex and mood improvement. Sexual activity reduces cases of depressed mood because the sense of well-being and improved self-esteem.

Improves the libido: having sex may also increase the sexual appetite and bring a more active sex life for men and women.
casual sex

To discover new horizons and cultures: people end up knowing a greater number of people who have the same purpose. However, with different experiences.

 No compromise: when you do not have a compromise, the person does not have to worry about pleasing  each other, to call or find in the next day. The game rule is no compromise, no worries ! 
casual sex

Sexually well-resolved: People who are adepts of casual sex are more settled people with questions relating to their sexuality, which makes them more free of gender bias.

Self-knowledge: you will know more about you, and know what you like. Learn how to deal with the differences, it is willing to really meet the new and realize you do not know everything. There's always something you can do better.
casual sex

Sleep like Sleeping Beauty: after the body reaches the orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released. He is responsible for bringing the feeling of relaxation and drowsiness, which can contribute to the improvement in the quality of sleep.

casual sex
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