Monday, April 25, 2016

From Monday to Sunday: 7 stylish outfits to be glamorous during the week

The week just started and you have to think and plan many outfits to use and be glamorous, or do not have an idea of what to wear? Do not worry, I'm here to help you!
Check out a selection of outfits that you can get some inspiration.
I select fashionable outfits that you can use in your work and also in the weekend, check it out.

A basic and super glamorous outfit to start the week. A white shirt + dark blue pants + sleeveless blazer +  nude sandal + maxi bag and bracelet + necklace and earring.

monday, jessica alba


top model


Tuesday with white sneaker + midi skirt. Combines the bottom part, which draws more attention, with a basic and fun shirt. The mini bag gives an extra charm to the outfit.
off white outfit

From Monday to Sunday: 7 stylish outfits to be glamorous during the week

Cool and glamorous at the same time. Bet in a jumpsuit and combine it with modern accessories + bag and strap sandal. Perfect outfit for the day.



Basic production, but full of style. High waist  flared pant  or culotte + white or blue shirt + maxi necklace + high heel pump or sandal. Rock it girl!
all white outfit



blue shirt and white pants


As Friday for me is a joyful day, what do you think in the mix of prints? Worth a lot! Here you can combine the same tone and balance the proportions. 
mix of print

mix of print

mix of the print


You can bet in a comfortable outfit and full of charm. Skater dress + sunglasses + white or colorful shoes + mini bag + hat.
skater dress

As Sunday is a more relaxing day it calls for a floral print loose dress. A colorful scarf in your bag + boot and hat.
loose dress
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