Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spice up your necessaire with the latest beauty releases!

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Do you want to spice up your arsenal of beauty products? In this article, I'm going to show  the best releases of the last few months for you to go out with a look full of personality.  Taking care of the body, the skin, and the hair is part of the daily routine of every woman. After all, everyone wants to be even more beautiful and, therefore, are always in search of the ideal product. To help in this task, I have prepared a list with the latest releases. The cosmetics industry every month release new beauty products for every taste and pocket.  Check it!

Luxury Essentials
Makeup kits and daily care they have everything you need in cute and compact packages: this is the convenience!
Makeup Palette,  Avon

avon makeup palette  Real Cheeky Party, Benefit
real cheeky party

 Mini Marvels Brush Kit, Bare Minerals
mini marvels brush

Sexy lips
When it is time to take a pretty and sexy look, the red lipstick is an essential item. Choose your favorite:
Pop lip Colour, Passion Pop, Clinique
pop lip colour

 Ultra Color Indulgence Lipstick, Avon
ultra color indulgence lipstick

 Ultra HD LipStick Poppy, Revlon
ultra HD lipstick

 Rouge Artist Intense matte 8, Make Up For Ever
rouge artist intense matte

 Le Rouge a Porter Atelier Rouge, Givenchy
le rouge a porter

 Shimmering Rouge RD 506, Shiseido
shimmering rouge

 Be Legendary Lipstick Fireball Matte, Smashbox
be legendary lipstick fireball matte

 Addict Flash Lipstick, Dio

addict lipstick my love

It's time to impress with fragrances that have a featured ingredient. Most often, a flower. What is your favorite?

Jasmine, Eau de Parfum Glam Jasmine, Michael Kors
eau de parfum glam jasmine, michael kors

Pink, Eau de Toilette Rose Nobile, Acqua di Parma
acqua di parma

 Floral musk, White Musk Eau de Toilette, The Body Shop
white musk, the body shop

 Narcissus, It Is Love Eau de Toilette, Salvador Dali
it is love eau de toilete, salvador dali

Jasmine, United Dream  Eau de Toilette, Benetton
united dream

Powerful look
To make a powerful smoky - with black or dark brown and gold just to mark the concave and give depth to the eye, these shadows are beyond helpful. And still they have beautiful packaging.

Phyto Palette 4 Ombres Dream, Sisley 
phyto palette 4 ombres dream

Ecrin 4 Couleurs Les Cendre, Guerlain
ecrin 4 couleurs les cendre

Guo Pei Eye Shadow x4, M.A.C
guo pei eye shadow

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