Thursday, May 05, 2016

My Makeup Wishlist For 2016!!

There's no way to start the year without that  short list of wishes, right? And look I rarely like to change makeup! if I bought a product and it worked well with my skin, I will use until the end and buy another like when I finish. And also, a good cosmetic usually is  not very cheap and, in my mind, does not make much sense to exchange something right for something else that might not work well for me. So whenever I decide I'm going to "risk" in other brands and products, I make a wide research before to buy any products. So the chance to get disappointed and throw money "out" is smaller and looks that usually work, see? So check out  my wishlist products! 
Lancome lipstick

The collection What's Your Style ?, Clinique, is an invitation to transform the look. They  products are in varying tones, specific to the region, such as:
1. Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara, Portly Plum, Clinique,  $ 17.00  - let the lightly colored lashes.
clinique mascara

2. Ultrathin Skinny Sticks, Clinique, $ 16.50 - maximum precision;
clinique makeup

3. Pretty Easy Liquid eye lining Pen, Clinique,  $ 19.50  - have long last.
clinique makeup

4. Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte, Tarte, $ 45.00 - And now also launched 
tatelette clay matte

Tartelette In Bloom Clay - $45.00 - I would like to try both of them.
tartelette bloom clay

5. Lancôme’s L'Absolu Voyage  Palette - $59.95
Lancome L'absolu voyage palette

It is not only outside the Skin Caviar Concealer boasts luxury. In addition to the elegant bottle with a compartment for corrective and one for the base, its formula contains caviar extract, a rare and remarkable ingredient that promises a lifting and firming effect.

1. Skin Caviar Concealer - Foundation SPF 15 La Prairie. $ 154.00
skin caviar

The traditional line of lipsticks L'Absolu Rouge, Lancome, won eight new colors, all with moisturizer and matte effect.
2. Définition L'Absolu Rouge (Red), Lancome, $ 30.50 
definition L'absolu rouge

3. Définition L'Absolu Rouge (Pink), Lancome, $30.50 
4. Définition L'Absolu Rouge (Le purpose), Lancome, $30.50 
L'absolu rouge

One brand presents a new basic concept to change the way to prepare the skin. Chanel bet on a combination of powders with great adhesion to the skin: Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation. It promises such a homogeneous coverage as the net versions. Illuminators also contain pigments for a subtle glow.
1. Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation, Chanel, $$$  - the case with brush
chanel makeup

I hope you enjoy my Wishlist. If you want or have used the products I mentioned here, leave me a comment saying what do you think and I'll love it! 

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