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Ways to let a man ADDICTED in your touches

A madwoman, a goddess, a sorceress. Who does not want to feel that way at the time to seduce your partner? There's no need magic, however, to let him addicted to you just as well, after the conquest happens in the real life. I separate some ways to act in and out of bed, which are very simple to tease him and let him eager of your touches.

Addictive touches

Despite this, the woman should feel free to explore the entire body of the partner, using the hands, the breasts, and the tongue. You can caress his chest with the tongue, lean over him and touch his breasts and still move in the groin and the scrotum without touching directly the penis. Give a grope in the butt, "with the handful",  also, lead him to madness.
addictive touches

Be direct on the sex

According to the sexologist, the more the woman acts in a direct way on the sex, most the men like "in general". So it is very common that, in the preliminaries, they want as soon as the woman take the penis.
They just care about genital, that is, the value touches the genitals. So, touches on other areas such as the back, for example, is not very interesting to them. 
be direct in sex

Dirty things

The stimulus with dirty words falls very well both in everyday life and at the time of sex. In bed, talking about exciting expressions combines very well with more direct foreplay.
Just that you should only use a dirtier language, the famous "talking nonsense", if you really feel good about it. Women have some difficulty doing that, but it helps a lot.
dirty things to say to the boyfriend

Touches that they do not like

Despite being a point over there sensitive, as one of the erogenous zones of the male body, there is a huge resistance when a woman wants to touch their partner's perineum. This is because a well near the anus region. Nipples also come in this list of "supersensitive" but are a taboo subject in the male universe. To do not kill the climate between you, the tip is to ask what he likes before going to "practice". If you observe his reactions to every touch, you are able to find out exactly what will make you both happy in the relationship.
what they do not like

Wet and hot kisses

Talk about how much you like it, can be part of your seduction technique, but a wet kiss is one of the most addictive stimuli for the men.
They like wet kisses and that the tongue is within their mouth. The woman can lick their lips on the outside and inside too. Give nibbled on his lips and pull them slightly is also stimulating.
The kiss, in this case, is not only as an invitation to sex; It is a delicious way to excite you and make you an expert of seduction.
hot kiss

Visual stimuli!

Another common way to the men is the addiction of wanting to admire the female body. It's not so much the touch addictive. They like it when a woman makes positions that stimulate visually, like shaking the butt in front of him, open the legs and make positions he has the sight of her body.
visual stimuli

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