Thursday, June 30, 2016

The fellowship, loyalty, no quarrel, and good sex. The wishlist before a lasting relationship is extensive.
The lasting relationship is not as accurate as mathematics, however, to build a lasting relationship the only love is not enough, it depends on factors such as partnership and complicity, and share life experiences. 
At the beginning of a dating both try to show the best version of themselves for the relationship to work. He tries to impress you in the hope you fall in love with him and you also do the same thing.
This first impression is to make him feel amazed as if he was sure he found the girl of his dreams, the woman of his life, but, when you got married, suddenly everything changes.

Unmet expectations are responsible for a large proportion of our unhappiness even if those expectations are unrealistic. The discontent has little to do with what happens outside and has everything to do with our attitude and approach. If you are finding that everything your partner does irritate you, try some different techniques to bring the contentment to your life and your relationship.
couple discontent

The marriage ring is not  a sign of eternity effective. The routine is one of the factors that can lead a marriage to the failure. We can never forget that  we're constantly in psychological, emotional and physical transformation. Therefore, do not let your relationship to get in the routine or fall on it, because without the power of emotional creativity, the development of the marriage will not be happily ever after.
couple routine

You need to be happy with yourself so the others can make you even happier than you already are. Remember, no one is bound to make you happy. No one can give you happiness. You will not find it, you can only build it. Can take some days or weeks even years it will be better or worse than others. But you are the only one responsible for your own happiness.
couple happiness

At the beginning of the relationship, everything is wonderful, your focus is only on the other. Time to be together is a priority. After some months or the honeymoon  phase fades even though the couple still deeply worry with the each other to fall into the routine of taking care of children, work, and other obligations. The relationship is like a plant if it is not constantly watered and fed will inevitably wither.

The pride is one of the seven deadly sins, and can be especially destructive to a dating or marriage. The pride keeps us from apologizing for something quite common in a lasting relationship. When we disagree, it is our pride that makes us want to be the right one, which usually means that the other person has to be wrong. To get rid of your pride in a relationship, focus on the good things about your partner and your relationship and express your gratitude. And make it good, really good to ask for and accept a genuine apology.

There is a level of comfort at a relationship the conversation is always essential. The more you know someone, the more you can anticipate your feelings or thoughts. But, be careful especially in assuming something negative and don't put words in the mouth of your partner.The effective communication remains important at all stages of a relationship.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Every woman likes to have at least some basic care to keep the beauty in the day. Unfortunately, some beliefs and the lack of information we sometimes create habits that instead of collaborating with the beauty end up doing the opposite. Your intentions are good, but not always effective.
So, to you do not make these mistakes, I listed here quite common beauty mistakes that many people do believe to be the proper way to take care of yourself. Avoid these habits and notice how the right way to take care of your beauty that will provide even better results on your skin.
The consequence is that little by little, we expose ourselves to the lack of care in the long term, can be crucial for us to have a healthy and well-cared skin or not, or look younger than we are.

Do not use sunscreen in the winter
Applying the sunscreen in the summer is essential, but that doesn't mean we should stop using it in the winter. The ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer are present in the winter too. Sun days without sun protection in the face causes wrinkles and sagging.

Do not apply the sunscreen in the important areas
In addition to causing spots and premature aging, leaving unprotected areas increases the risk of the skin cancer. In general, women forget the lips, the region close to the eyelids, the ears, the scalp root, and neck. You can tie up your hair before applying the sunscreen. This way, you can identify all the little areas that will be exposed. So, at least choose an FPS 40 sunscreen or more, reapply every two hours and whenever entering in the water or sweat and bet on makeup items with sunscreen, which ensure extra protection against UVA and UVB rays. You should also apply the sunscreen in the neck, the arms and the hands the regions that notice your age.

Go to sleep without removing the makeup
This is perhaps is one of the most common mistakes, especially because at night we are tired and we do not remove the makeup properly. Clean the skin properly and use makeup remover is very important to clean the pores and keep them clear and residue-free, especially in the eye area.
do not sleep in makeup

Do not know your current skin type
If you live in a country with Equatorial, and  tropical climate,  it is common that your face shines in some warmer days or that certain areas are more oily like forehead and nose, which concentrates most of the sebaceous glands. But that does not mean that you are the owner of an oily skin or that it will present the same characteristics for the rest of your life. The skin changes, especially in the women, because is influenced by the age, hormones (such as pregnancy), the use of cosmetics, food and water intake, and other factors. Only the dermatologist can determine whether you have a normal, dry, combination, oily or sensitive type.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ready for another sunny week? In summer, the clothes to work can be more fluid, but you need to take some cautionsince the very short pieces are not well seen in the corporate environment, regardless of what is.
Each company has its own dress code that can not be changed. So you can not go to work in shorts or short skirts. However, it is possible to opt for dresses, midi skirts, pants, and lighter clothes when it is time to create your work outfit.

The work wardrobe should be basic, customized as the position you occupy and the culture of your business or professional activity. Some large companies make the job easier by adopting a manual of dress code. When there is, it is good to be aware of the signs given by co-worker and especially by those in senior positions.
red bodysuit

The keyword for work wardrobe is fit or timeless, the big secret is the choice of the pieces. Single pieces are the great choice because they allow intelligent and stylish compositions for protection of climate variations in environments with air-conditioned.
But sometimes arises that doubt about what to wear for the work. In addition to the style and elegance, the outfit chosen for the work should bring comfort and be discreet.
But how to combine comfort, styles, and glamor without losing the charm? To help you with this question, check out some suggestions of what to wear for the work in the summer.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Micellar Water: The product that you should include in your beauty routine

You've probably heard talking about the wonder of the micellar water or saw it on the shelves of any drugstore and was wondering what it is for. It is a magical solution that removes waterproof makeup, with efficiency compared to the specific Makeup Removers. A unique product that dispenses makeup remover and toner, and promises a more beautiful and healthy skin. It is very soft but has the power to cleanse the skin while respecting its physiological balance.
Still, toner and lightly moisturizes the skin without leaving it with an oily appearance.  Despite the name, is not a water. It is named for the ultra-light formula because of the micelles, the components responsible for the cleanup. Are chemical structures whose rounded shape and polarized attracts dirt. In contact with the skin, absorb impurities, removed with the help of a cotton pad. By being free of irritants, such as alcohol, parabens, and fragrance, water micellar is also recommended for those who have sensitive skin, because it can promote effective skin hygiene without harming or remove any natural oils. This balance is essential: If you clean too much the skin, the body ends up producing excess sebum to compensate for the loss. On the other hand, if we do not clean up the skin effectively, the pores may clog, which provides the appearance of acne. Another advantage of the product is that it maintains the natural pH of the skin, generally affected by cleaning. So, it maintains its ability to repair and protection.
micellar water

Benefits of micellar water
1. Clean; 2. Remove the makeup; 3. Purify the skin

4. Smooth; 5. Rebalances

  • The great advantage of water micellar is that it removes impurities including the makeup without harming or irritate. And as their formulas are usually exempt from alcohol and chemicals like parabens and preservatives, is very suitable for sensitive skin. For those who have oily skin, is a great solution, because, unlike common Makeup Removers, micellar water does not cause acne.
  • Another of the many advantages of micellar water is the practicality. Since it has soothing agents and need not be removed from the skin, if you do not give up in your daily tonic. The beauty routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing are reduced to a much more practical ritual.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's summer, the temperature is up there and the sun is very hot, and it is holidays to officiate the arrival of the hottest season of the year. And to enjoy the hottest season of the year, nothing better than to enjoy a beautiful beach or pool with friends and family or even take a trip. But it is not always that we can spend the summer on the beach, so the wardrobe needs to join urban practicality with the comfort that hottest days calls for!
fashion week

Large model or Loose parts
Forget that bodycon dress: Hot days call for fluid clothes! Skirts and dresses should make part of your summer wardrobe,so invest in a more fashion piece like capri pant that is so fashion and stylish!
street fashion

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Over time, my addiction to beauty products and the concern for my well-being increased. I selected the news of makeup, hair, skin and body care products to make my wishlist, and for you to stay on top of the products that will be or are available on the cosmetics store. We all women love makeup, beauty products, and nail polish, doesn't it?
And did you already know what was the released from April, May and this July by cosmetic companies?
Today's post is just to show the finding and trends of this universe, which we love so much.
Whether for the day to day, the work or any special occasion, make use of makeup to look more beautiful become the biggest habit among the women. If you're part of this team of make lovers, be sure to check the news that reached the cosmetics store in July. The news in the makeup and beauty universe and products arrive every month to the cosmetics stores.

All about makeup 

Makeups, Urban Decay
urban decay makeup

Eyeshadow palette Gwen Stefani: Gwen Stefani's Palette in partnership with the Urban Decay, the kit comes with 15 must-have colors, 12 iconic shades of eyeshadow.
Spectrum Palette: A limited-edition eyeshadow palette with a spectrum of 15 shades from Urban Decay's Eyeshadow iconic. Mix and match eyeshadow colors with the Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette.
Moondust eyeshadow: New technology gives Moondust an amazing effect not found in traditional pressed-powder shadows. It feels like a cream but goes on like a powder to create a smooth, brilliantly reflective look.
Brow Tamer Mascara: Tame even the unruliest of brows. Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel grooms, defines and sets for a fuller, more polished look. Never stiff or sticky, our lightweight, water-resistant formula Provides flexible, comfortable hold that lasts all day.
Brow Beater Pencil: This brow pencil's unique texture Provides the ideal laydown of color that lasts all day. With the versatile shade range and double-ended, slim barrel, it makes it easy to fill in October brows.

Noir Volume Couture, Givenchy
The formula is enriched in resin and polymers, form a flexible and water resistant film for eyes.
noir volume couture, givenchy

Excessive LashArresting Volume Mascara, Makeup Forever
Excessive Lash creates a long-lasting panoramic volume that fans out for a truly dramatic, eye-opening effect.
volume mascara, makeup forever

Brows Are It Collection, M.A. C
The collection is composed of duos of shadows, eyeliner and eyebrow and eyebrow gel, in addition, special brushes for that region.
brows are it collection, m.a.c

Chubby in the Nude foundation stick, Clinique
Portable perfection for full-face coverage, or bare-minimum touch-ups. Creamy, moisturizing foundation stick blends easily. Builds from sheer to moderate coverage with a natural finish. Long-wearing. Oil-free. This foundation becomes ideal for small corrections as for a full coverage.
chubby in nude foundation stick

Khôl Couture waterproof Eyeliner, Givenchy
Enriched with colored pigments, it is long-lasting formula resists moisture and oils.
khol couture waterproof eyeliner, givenchy

AQUA XL eye pencil waterproof eyeliners, Make Up For Ever
Long-lasting formula will not smudge, crease, or fade until you remove it. Its innovative formula blends intense, rich color with a super-gliding texture.
Available in 20 shades with five different finishes, matte, diamond, iridescent satin and metallic.
aqua xl eye pencil

Red Carpet Ready Lipstick, hot makeup
Composed of a bunch of sober shades, the lipsticks have velvety touch and high pigmentation.
red carpet ready lipstick

Dej Loaf Lipglass, M.A.C.
With caramel color, the product can be used alone, on the lipstick or as a lip gloss to a lasting shine.
dej loaf lipglass mac

Purexpert BB Cream,  Germaine de Capuccini
The product reduces acne inflammation, provides for combination skin to oily with translucent natural cover. BB Cream Natural Cover from Germaine de 
Capuccini is a tonic, which is enriched with pigments that light skin tones. BB cream contains a concentration of pigment as conventional makeup, making it ideal for women who want to hide minor imperfections of the skin, but still look natural. 
purexpert bb cream

Flamingo Park Powder Blush, M.A.C.
The product offers a combination of pink and coral shades.
flamingo park powder blush

Pores Away Primer, hot make-up
Recommended especially for the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), this primer acts as minimizing of the pores.
pores away primer

Flamingo Park Beauty Powder Pearl Blossom, M.A.C.
silky and soft powder, delicately pigmented and pearlescent. It covers the skin with an ultra-thin shining veil. It can be applied as an illuminator, light blush or finisher.
flamingo park beauty powder

Brooke Candy Collection, MAC
The collection includes products such as lipsticks, eye gloss, bronzing powder and nail polish.

Four different colors of lipsticks: Whirl (dark pink, matte), Doowop (vibrant pink, matte), Mind Control (red) and witching hour (dark purple, matte)

Two colors of eyeshadows: Eye gloss, Whiteyin (pearlescent white) and Blankyang (black with red and pearly blue mix)

Two mascaras: Haute and Naughty Black, the two are black

A liquid eyeliner: Boot Black

Lipgloss: Pamela (pink) and Till death do us apart (dark purple)

Two lip pencils: Whirl (pink) and Nightcrawler (dark purple)

Compact Powder: golden 

Nail polish: Madame candy (pink) and Black Stellion (dark purple)
brooke candy makeup collection, M.A.C

Spring 2016 Collection, NARS 
Includes: Cheek Studio palette, L'Amour Toujours L'Amour palette, single eyeshadow, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow palette and blush duo.
spring 2016 makeup collection, nars

All about fragrance

Flavorings like the chocolate truffle, black tea, date palm, and orange appear among the news of the fragrances that come to market this month. Another highlight is the launch of luxury brands such as Bulgari and Carolina Herrera. Exotic combinations are prominent among the perfumes launched in May.

Air Of Style,  M.A.C.
The fragrance blends scent of wild peonies and red dates palm, in addition to white pepper and ylang-ylang.
air of style, mac

Flower by Kenzo All Over Flowers, Kenzo
This revisiting of the Kenzo fragrance features notes of peony petals rose and freesia, and vanilla and white musk. It is a modern fragrance for all times.
flower by kenzo all over flower
CH Central Park Perfume, Carolina Herrera
Limited Edition available in male and female versions brings warm notes of jasmine and orange blossom.
ch central park perfume
Blu Mediterraneo Cedro di Taormina, Acqua di Parma
The fragrance has notes of lemon combined with basil aroma.
blu mediterraneo cedro di taormina
Ralph Love, Ralph Lauren
Ralph Love is inspired by the excitement of a first crush, heating up a sunny date with a playful mixture of luscious red apple, sweet cotton candy accord, and intoxicating pink rose.
ralph love

All about Skincare and Bodycare
Masks to hydrate, firm and even anti-aging are among the innovations that came to the market in May and June. n addition, special products that promise to end with dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are being launched by cosmetic brands as well this month.

Hydra Sparkling, Givenchy
Composed of a mask, moisturizing fluid and gel for around the eyes, this range helps to restore the skin's water reserves and provides hydration.
hydra sparkling, givenchy

Physiolift, Avène
This anti-aging range has three products: emulsion, eye contour day, and night that promise to restructure the skin and fill in the grooves.

PhysioLift EYES smooths wrinkles and firms the delicate skin around the eye area whilst helping to diminish puffiness and dark circles. It has a unique "patch" texture which mimics the skin, ensuring excellent absorption of active ingredients all night long. Rediscover smoother-looking skin with your daily moisturizer PhysioLift DAY Smoothing Emulsion for normal to combination skin.
physiolift, avene

Aquaporin, Eucerin
The facial moisturizer with SPF 25 and another for the eye area, this range promises intense hydration and, even in the deepest layers of the epidermis.
aquaporin active, eucerin

Moisturizers and bath gel, The Body Shop
In five versions (Fijian Water, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Italian Summer Fig, Indian Night Jasmin and Atlas Mountain Rose), the brand offers crème moisturizer, body lotion and shower gel with different fragrances.
the body shop

Baume Supremÿa At Night cream, Sisley
The product helps to recover the comfortable touch, soft and smooth to dry skin, very dry or attacked by environmental conditions, which ask for a treatment with powerful nutritional ingredients.
baume supremya at night cream, sisley

The Body Crème, La Mer
Through the infusion of the skin with moisture, the product breaks the cycle of dryness and dehydration. As The Body Crème is massaged into the skin, circulation is improved. Skin's look and feel take on a radiant new life. The Body Crème is so lastingly hydrating, daily use may be unnecessary.
the body cream, la mer
Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer, Benefit
The product acts as a BB cream and eye primer that protects, moisturizes, soothes the tone and helps to fix the eyeshadow.
air patrol bb cream eyelid primer

Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Expert, Avène
With a triple anti-imperfection action, the product promises to control and reduce bacterial growth with proven action, favors the reduction of pimples and reduces skin redness.
eau thermale avene cleanance expert

Anti-aging Hand cream, Davines

The product has strong anti-aging action and improves the firmness and elasticity of the hands while nourishes deeply.
anti aging hand cream

Multifunctional oil, Bio-Oil
The product has the asset that makes the skin absorbs quickly and is nourished with vitamins A and e, calendula oil, lavender, Rosemary, and Chamomile contained in the formula.
bio oil
Pep-Start Eye Cream, Clinique
The product enlightens, renews and refreshes instantly eyes that once seemed tired. Just 3 seconds to look wide awake, refreshed. Hydrates brighten, perks you up. Its cool touch and de-puffing tip help keep eyes looking fresh. Smooths the way for makeup, too.
pep start eye cream, clinique

Velvet Matte Skin,  NARS
The product provides skin protection and a smooth matte perfection in 12 shades with vitamins C, E and broad spectrum SPF 30.
velvet matte skin, nars

Nutritive Cleanser Soap, Perricone MD
The product removes impurities and excess oils from the skin.
nutritive cleanser soap

Daily Reviving Concentrate Facial Oil, Kiehl's
Designed to reduce the daily oxidation induced by the environment, the formula promises to strengthen and protect the skin barrier for a fresh and healthy looking all day. Provides antioxidant protection with a powerful blend of naturally-derived oils, including Ginger Root, Sunflower, and Tamanu, to help skin feel fresh and energized look morning to night.
daily reviving concentrate facial oil, kiehl's

Essentials, Shiseido 
Includes: cleaning emulsion, facial mask, and lip balm.
The Essentials are the foundation for all good skincare routines is perfectly cleansed, hydrated, pampered skin. Gently cleansing and moisture-preserving, the Essentials products meet your modern lifestyle and skincare needs in matter your skin type.
essentials, shiseido

Nuxuriance ultra Range, Nuxe
Global anti-aging treatment formulated on the basis of millions of new generations of botanical cells: saffron and bougainvillea Bi-cell Floral. The range consists of five products:
nuxuriance ultra range, nuxe

Nuxuriance Ultra Eye and Lip Contour: This contour acts on dark circles and eyes bags, and also against spots and sagging skin, lips contour makes look softer and relaxers, this anti-wrinkle product is for all skin types.

Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Fluid Cream: The cream regenerates the skin, redefine the facial contours and smooth the wrinkles on the face, makes the skin look younger, smooth, dense and fresh, but also enhances the brightness of the skin. Fluid is indicated for dry and oily in the format of rich cream.

Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Night Cream: This great cream acts as you sleep, besides this also fills and redefines the facial contours.

Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Serum: The serum regenerates, unifies and re-densifies the skin complexion, and make it look more young and bright.

Nuxuriance Ultra Re-plumping Roll-on Mask:

Immortelle Precious Cream, L'Occitane en Provence
The product helps to smooth and firm the skin and prevent damage from the external aggressions.
immortelle precious cream, l'occitane en provence

Mission Perfection Serum, Clarins
The product acts in the fight against skin pigmentation disorders.
mission perfection serum, clarins

Anti-aging mask, Iluminage Beauty
Smart tissue enriched with copper ions that stimulate collagen production.
iluminage beauty

Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate, Shiseido
A concentrated power infusion for the delicate skin of the eye area, which helps protect against environmental aggressions that can lead to wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of aging.
ultimune power infusing eye concentrate, shiseido

Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector, Lancôme
The product promises to erase signs of fatigue in real time.
visionnaire nuit beauty sleep perfector, lancome

Immortelle Divine Cream SPF 20, L 'Occitane en Provence
The product helps combat the visible signs of aging while protecting the skin against UV rays and external aggressions.
immortelle divine cream

The Treatment Lotion, La Mer
The product promises deeply moisturize the skin to improve the texture and even the hue.
the treatment lotion, la mer

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